26 May 2019

Achieving artists' living wage

From Standing Room Only, 12:36 pm on 26 May 2019

A Colmar Brunton survey commissioned by New Zealand On Air and Creative New Zealand has found that the median personal annual income for 'creative professionals' is around $36,000 - compared to $52,000 for those earning a wage or salary. It's below the living wage.  

But it varies, depending on who you are.  The highest paid creatives are video game developers, the lowest are dancers.

Prime Minister Jacinda Adern has said she's passionate that a career in the arts needs to be a truly viable option. But can it be? And what are some tangible steps towards improving the artists lot?

  • Budget 2019: what's in it for the arts and culture?
  • Mark Amery talks to Stephen Wainwright and Jane Wrightson - the Chief executives of Creative New Zealand, and NZ on Air respectively - and artists Jo Randerson and Jan Hellreigel.

    Jo's Barbarian Productions are running the Grand Opening Cabaret at Auckland's Civic Theatre on June 14 and Jan's  new album, book and podcast are all called Sportsman of the Year!  Other studies took place in Ireland, and in Australia.