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Music played in this show

Artist: The Sou' Westers
Song: Going West
Composer: Hetherington
Album: Going West
Label: FE 591570
Played at: 12:12

Artist: The Gypsy Pickers ft. The Warratahs
Song: West Coast
Composer: Valente
Album: The Gypsy Pickers & Friends
Label: Rimu  D30766
Played at: 12:42

Artist: William Clauson
Song: A Wet Night In Greymouth
Composer: Willow Macky
Album: Packing My Things: Songs Of New Zealand
Label: HMV mclp6200
Played at: 12:58

Artist: Katie Thompson
Song: Karamea Coyboy
Composer: Farmar
Album: Tall Poppy
Label: Sunset 464069
Played at: 01:08

Artist: Rhythm Dogs
Song: Black
Composer: Joe Hollis
Album: Music Of The Buller
Label: Private 2269
Played at: 01:58

Artist: Rod Derrett Sings
Song: Hole In The Hill
Composer: Shaffrey
Album: Rugby, Racing 'N Beer (Rod Derrett Sings)
Label: Regal / HMV sreg 30202 / csdm 6262
Played at: 02:06

Artist: AI
Song: Ono
Composer: Aaron Intermann  
Album: Rural Outlaw
Label: Lead Ink
Played at: 02:37

Artist: Mel Parsons
Song: Non Communicado
Composer: Mel Parsons
Album: Drylands
Label: Caperoad 476501
Played at: 02:58

Artist: Steve Leslie
Song: Blackball Hilton
Composer: Steve Leslie
Album: Still Walking The Line
Played at: 03:06

Artist: Stark Bonkers
Song: West Coast Secessionist Army
Composer: Rob Simonsen
Album: Music Of The Buller
Played at: 03:58