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12:15  Passio

The search is on for information about a production the late composer and ethno-musicologist Jack Body produced back in 2006.  He invited a number of composers to interpret an early Renaissance work called Passio, which is being remounted for next year's Auckland Arts Festival.   But with Jack's death, there are some question marks over elements of his ambitious production.  Director Carla van Zon was at the original production in Wellington and remembers it vividly. She wants to hear from others involved in the show or who were in the audience, so they can  make the 2017 production as accurate as possible. Lynn speaks to Carla and Dame Gillian Whitehead, one of the composers Jack invited to work on Passio.


12:50 Saving the Paramount

One of the capital's oldest cinemas is being turned into a hotel. The Paramount is one of the main International Film Festival venues every year - it took in 17,500 admissions in two weeks.  Leading the charge against this is Festival director Bill Gosden and Lindsay Shelton from Wellington Scoop.


12.50 Pike River Docu-Drama

The Pike River mining disaster is still very raw with families fighting to retrieve the bodies of the 29 men killed in the explosion. Yesterday was the 6th anniversary. This very public tragedy has remained in the news ever since, including the past week as families continue to fight moves to seal off the mine.  Docu-drama Pike River goes to air on Prime tomorrow.  Lynn Freeman spoke to the producer Philly de Lacey, and actor Adam Gardiner.


1:10 At The Movies

Simon Morris reviews Nocturnal Animals and Arrival, while Dan Slevin talks to David Mackenzie, director of the acclaimed Hell or High Water. You can hear Dan Slevin's whole interview with David Mackenzie on his website: a Rancho Notorious podcast on RNZ Widescreen.


1:33 Welcome to New York - Chris Pryor and Miriam Smith

Chris Pryor and Miriam Smith

Chris Pryor and Miriam Smith Photo: Supplied

Auckland based husband and wife film-makers Chris Pryor and Miriam Smith are shifting to New York for as long as the $80,000 they've just been awarded lasts them. Chris and Miriam have just won this year's Art's Foundation's Harriet Friedlander New York Residency, on the strength of their critically-acclaimed documentary features The Ground We Won, and How Far is Heaven, about the sisters of Compassion in New Zealand's Jerusalem. They're celebrating their Residency by making their multi award-winning How Far is Heaven free to view.


1:50 Grey Area: Ken Griffen

Following a brutal experience with customs at Los Angeles Airport -  forced to give up his phone, laptop and passwords, Auckland artist Ken Griffen is questioning digital security in a new exhibition called Grey Area.  Ken tells Lynn how he uses painting, sculpture, installation and sound in his exhibition depicting the nameless and faceless identities watching and tracking us online.


2:06 The Laugh Track - Morgana O'Reilly

Morgana O'Reilly

Morgana O'Reilly Photo: Supplied

TV and theatre actor Morgana O'Reilly's comedy picks are Chris Parker, Thomas Sainsbury and Matt Whelan in Stake Out plus Tig Notaro and Flight of the Conchords.


2:25  Magicians of Wellington

Magicians Jeremy Rolston and Kade Nightingale

Magicians Jeremy Rolston and Kade Nightingale Photo: Supplied

Wellingtonians can find some magical distraction at BATS this week, with the capital's only Magic Club's annual end-of-year show Magicians of Wellington. Wellington Magic Club President Jeremy Rolston, and double act partner, comic magician Kade Nightingale (with able assistant Mel Phipps standing by) demonstrate their own blend of comedy magic for the radio.

Cotton out of the eye trick

Magic card trick

Disappearing Ring


2:40 Catherine Chidgey - The Wish Child

Catherine Chidgey

Catherine Chidgey Photo: Catherine Chidgey Fiona Pardington

The Wish Child

The Wish Child Photo: Supplied

Two German children caught up in their country's false dreams and corrupt ideology during the Second World War, are at the heart of The Wish Child, a new novel from Ngāruawāhia based Catherine Chidgey.  Her first novel In a Fishbone Church came out in 1998, quickly followed by Golden Deeds and The Transformation published in 2003.   During this time she went to Menton in southern France as the Katherine Mansfield Fellow, and  won the inaugural Prize in Modern Letters.  Catherine also spent time in Berlin where she became interested in the war years and the collapse of Germany's hope for a glorious future.  In The Wish Child Sieglinde lives a life of privilege in middle-class Berlin while Erich is brought up in rural Leipzig.  


2:49 Web Series: High Road

It's been selected at every Webfest going - from Sicily and Berlin, to Montreal and Los Angeles.  Last year it won the coveted Web-series World Cup.  It's called High Road, it's made on Piha Beach, and it's just launched Series 3.  It may be the biggest thing you've probably never heard of. 


3:06 Drama at 3 - Tumanbay Part 7


3.50 Sir James McNeish

In honour of the late Sir James McNeish, an excerpt from his 2013 Janet Frame Memorial lecture.

James McNeish

James McNeish Photo: wiki commons












Rūaumoko - The Terrarist That Will Kill You, by David Geary

In the cafes of Christchurch
you can tell the Outsiders
who sit at the centre tables
Locals hug the wall

and keep running
shoes in their cars, just
in case they have to walk 5 miles
across the rubble again

and shoes by their beds
for when the windows
cave in and the chimney
cracks, crumbles and tumbles

Rūaumoko is the God
of Earthquakes. Yes,
we have so many that we
gave them a God

But he's not happy.
His big brother - Tanemahuta - Future God of the Forest - stood up
and forced the darkness
between his parents - Papatuanuku Earth Mother and Ranginui Sky Father

apart. Mum and Dad wept
buckets, so Tanemahuta and his other big bros turned
their mother's face down to the ground,
so their olds can't see each other

but Rūaumoko, the runt
the unborn baby, the bad boy
went with her and ended up
trapped underground.

We Kiwis proudly proclaim ourselves
The Shakey Isles.
And everyone jokes about The Big One.
"Mate, it's a case of When not If"

How it was supposed
to hit Wellington,
supposed to do
as it was told

And now insurance on
commercial properties
in the capital is through the roof,
up, **** me, up 300%!

The market can't correct
it, everyone's moving
to Auckland or Aussie or
composing a death song

And the airport is all
reclaimed land and will
sure as hell liquify
to quicksand and swamp.

So keep close a shovel
and a snorkel, and a wind-up radio,
and water-purifying tablets,
and a gun for the looters.

And Rūaumoko, the God of Earthquakes
eavesdrops on us all, gets the giggles
from Japan to Nepal
can't help himself

laughing at our tectonic
plate theory – grinding away
at each other, year after year
like a middle-aged couple.



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