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12:39 If These Walls Could Talk

Ross Liew hopes he can encourage people to see street art in a new light via his webseries If These Walls Could Talk in which he profiles five street artists at the top of their game. There will also be an exhibition of the same name created for ArtWeek

12:47 Auckland Artweek

Curator and gallery director Emma Fox has tips on how to start up you own art collection, ahead of a talk she’s giving at Auckland Artweek.

1:10 At the Movies with Simon Morris

1:34 Human Fruit Bowl

Human Fruit Bowl tells the true story of Rene Moncharty muse of French Impressionist painter Pierre Bonnard. American actor Harmony Stempel, who has real life-modelling experience, plays Rene. Harmony reflects on what life models think about during the long hours of posing, and the relationship of model and artist. The show encourages the audience to make their own sketches of Rene throughout the play which is touring the country. 

Human fruit bowl

1:47 Tempo Dance Festival 

Alexa WilsonThis year’s Tempo Dance Festival in Auckland sees the return of one of our more interesting artists. Expat Alexa Wilson is a dancer and choreographer, a performance artist and a theorist who, in her own words, “likes to get naked a lot on stage and wield weapons”. Justin Gregory sat down to chat with her about multidisciplinary work and expanding the territory of contemporary dance.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Writer and mentor, and Creative Director of Libertine Pictures, Neil Cross.

Neil Cross

Irene Gardiner NZ On Screen2:26 NZ On Screen

Irene Gardiner from NZ On Screen fossicks through the archives to remind us of this country’s most famous screen dogs.

2:38 New poetry collections

Christchurch poet Kerrin Sharpe and Wellingtonian Frances Samuel released their collections around the same time with the same publisher. There’s A Medical Name for This is Kerrin’s second collection, Sleeping on Horseback is the first for Frances. We brought them together to find out about their approach to structuring their collections, the themes they explore, and their very different day jobs. Both books are published by Victoria University Press.

Book covers
Picture of Frances Samuel (far left) by Grant Maiden

Milan Mrkusich2:49 Aratoi   

Masterton’s Aratoi: Wairarapa Museum of Art and History has pulled off a coup that will make it the envy of galleries around the country. The gallery’s director, Alice Hutchison, has spent the past few months working with reclusive artist Milan Mrkusich and his son Lewis on an exhibition that will see Aratoi host works that haven’t been seen in public before. Alice, who came to Masterton after working mainly in LA for 15 years, is the daughter of artist Phillia Blair. 

3:05 The Drama Hour

This week on the Drama Hour we have part two of Roger Hall’s Book Ends, Buy Anything You Like which is a short Go Solo play written and performed by Brynley Stent and the return of the Bardfest.