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12:45 Play It Strange

Mike Chunn from Play It Strange has a bone to pick with how music – and especially song writing – is taught in our schools. Play It Strange is all about encouraging song-writing: music, lyrics and also recording, and tries to reflect the reality of the contemporary music scene. Mike says the New Zealand school curriculum needs to catch up.

Play It Strange
Mike Chunn and Jeni Little, photos courtesy Play It Strange

1:10 At The Movies with Simon Morris

Two Faces Of January, starring Viggo Mortensen, American comedy, 22 Jump Street and Irish film Good Vibrations.

1:31 Singing Teacher Flora Edwards

Flora Edwards is a singing teacher in Wellington. Over the years she’s taught some of this country’s rising stars. And at 83, she is not looking like retiring any time soon. Zoe George wanted to ask Flora if everyone could sing, whether New Zealanders have a unique sound and what is the Appoggio technique.

Kemi and Niko cover1:40 Connecting the Community with Public Art 

The great outdoors of Rolleston Heights in Mount Cook, Wellington is the ‘exploration lab’ of creative couple Kemi Whitwell (BFA 2010) and Niko Leyden (BDes Hons, 2011) of Kemi Niko & Co.

Gallery: Public Art

1:50 The Voices Project

Installation artist Olivia Webb is bringing sacred song back to some of Canterbury’s lost churches. She’s created the Voices Project, bringing together parishioners and residents in three community choirs to record a 16th century choral song. Those recordings will play for just one day on the sites of three churches that were demolished after the earthquakes. Olivia thinks of it as an aural monument to all that was lost.

Voices project
Olivia Webb conducting the Mairehau Parish Community Choir. Photograph by Mitchell Bright

2:05 The Laugh Track: Ian Wright

Ian Wright, reviewer and photographer talks about the website magazine Keeping Up With NZ – and being a super-fan of NZ comedy! His picks are Rik Mayall, John Oliver and Jared Christmas.

2:40 Books: Purgatory

Novelist Rosetta Allan about her new book Purgatory, inspired by a real-life murder in Otahuhu in 1865.

Rosetta Allan

2:51 An Actor walks Into China

Colin McPhillamyActor and producer Colin McPhillamy has performed all around the world but he says nothing could have prepared him for working in China. He’s written a book about it and says he enjoyed everything about the experience until they got down to business. He tells Justin Gregory that’s when all the shouting started.

Image courtesy of Colin McPhillamy

3:05 The Drama Hour

The Shakespeare Project with Monologues by Paul Waggott and Jim Moriarty
Part one of Encore – The Story of New Zealand Theatre by Lynn Freeman
Part one of An Extraordinary Rendition by Steve Danby