8:12 Julia Powles

Julia Powles

Julia Powles. Photo: supplied

Dr Julia Powles is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Faculty of Law and Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, where she works on technology law and policy. She is a former contributing editor and policy fellow of the Guardian, and has written for the newspaper this year about the secrecy, power and surveillance activities exhibited by Facebook, Google and Apple.


8:40 Malcolm Harris

Malcolm Harris worked for 30 years at Fisher & Paykel, and is now CEO of WorldSkills after two years as CEO for Hockey New Zealand. This weekend at the WorldSkills Nationals in Hamilton, top trades apprentices and trainees compete in categories ranging from automotive technology, to plumbing, hairdressing and floristry, vying for a place in the national Tool Blacks team which will travel in 2017 to the 44th WorldSkills International Competition in Abu Dhabi.

Automotive Technology 2015 Tool Black, Chelsie Kuriger

Automotive Technology 2015 Tool Black, Chelsie Kuriger. Photo: supplied


9:05 Al Bramley

Al Bramley

Al Bramley. Photo: supplied

Al Bramley is the CEO of Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP) in Wellington, a research and development entity focused on developing the tools and techniques to enable the complete removal of rats, stoats, and possums from large mainland areas for the long term.



9:45 Shakespeare with David Lawrence

David Lawrence is research and development consultant for the Popup Globe, and director of The Bacchanals, a Wellington theatre company he founded in 2000 to explore text-based theatre and redefine classic works. David will discuss The Two Gentlemen of Verona, considered by some to be Shakespeare's first play.


10:05 Sarah Laing

Sarah Laing

Sarah Laing. Photo: Grant Maiden Photography

Sarah Laing is a graphic designer, illustrator, short story writer (Coming Up Roses), and novelist (The Fall of Light, Dead People’s Music). She is co-editor (with Rae Joyce and Indira Neville) of Three Words: an Anthology of Aoteraoa/NZ Women’s Comics (Beatnik Publishing), and the author of the new book Mansfield and Me: a Graphic Memoir (VUP), which she has been working on since 2013, when she was the University of Auckland/Michael King Writers Centre fellow. An exhibition based on the book will be opening at the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden on 14 October, Mansfield’s 128th birthday.


10:35 Shannon Te Ao

Shannon Te Ao

Shannon Te Ao. Photo: supplied

Shannon Te Ao is an artist, writer and curator whose current research interests include performance and video art practices. He lectures at Whiti o Rehua School of Art, Massey University. He won the 2016 Walters Prize for his 2013-14 work, Two Shoots That Stretch Far Out. The Walters Prize 2016, an exhibition of his work and those of the other finalists (Lisa Reihana, Joyce Campbell, Nathan Pohio), is currently on exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki (to 30 October).


11:05 Doryun Chong

Doryun Chong

Doryun Chong. Photo: supplied

Doryun Chong is Deputy Director and Chief Curator at M+ Hong Kong, and former Curator of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA. He is the judge of the 2016 Walters Prize.



11:40 Poetry with Gregory O’Brien

Painter, poet, curator and writer Gregory O'Brien is the author of a number of books, most recently Futuna: Life of a Building, with Nick Bevin (VUP). He will discuss The Collected Poems of Alistair Te Ariki Campbell (VUP), and the new edition of Small Holes in the Silence: Collected Works by Hone Tuwhare (RHNZ Vintage).

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