09:05 Shortages and shipping: retailers struggling to source goods from overseas

Port of Shanghai

Port of Shanghai Photo: D Robb

Over a third of retailers are struggling to source goods from overseas, according to a new survey coming amid warnings the effects of Covid-19 on the supply chain will take hold well into next year.  With only dozens of  international flights arriving into the country a week, down from hundreds pre covid, international suppliers are opting to ship goods.  A Retail New Zealand poll shows 41% percent of retailers are experiencing stock shortages.  Items in lowest supply are books, fitness equipment, bicycles, hardware, homeware and clothing.  Retail NZ's Greg Harford explains the survey findings to Kathryn Ryan,  joined by international book buyer for iUnity Books, Marcus Greville and Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Auckland Business School David Robb, who says it will be a long time before the supply chain sees a return to normal.

09:25 Forestry slash affects Tolaga Bay lives and livelihoods

Off to the East Coast, where Tolaga Bay locals fear lives could be lost at sea as forestry detritus litters their shoreline and fishing grounds. A week ago, a massive amount of forestry slash has travelled down the Uawa River blanketing the bay. This follows a deluge of huge logs previously littering the region's farmland, foreshore and valley during floods in June 2018. This latest dump has angered residents who are fed up with having to navigate the debris. To share their concerns : Lily Stender who runs the Tolaga Bay Inn, local environmentalist Alison Waru and school teacher, Puri Hauiti who says it isn't safe for children to play on the beach, these school holidays. He shot this footage.

09:45 USA correspondent Ron Elving

President Trump's downplaying of the effect of Covid-19 on the US, to the point of denial.

Ron Elving is Senior Editor and Correspondent on the Washington Desk for NPR News.

10:05 Life on 'The Sponge', tales from Macquarie Island

Penguin colonies, albatross, elephant seals, the Southern Lights and science! Billy Wallace shares her tales of overwintering on Australia's permanent sub-antarctic research base on Macquarie Island, lying midway between New Zealand and Antarctica.

10:35 Book review - A Run in the Park by David Park           

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Photo: Bloomsbury UK

Ralph McAllister reviews A Run in the Park by David Park, published by Bloomsbury.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Air NZ temporarily suspends incoming international bookings

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Photo: RNZ

Air NZ has agreed with the government to put a temporary hold on new international bookings to NZ, for a period of 3 weeks, to ensure there is enough quarantine space for all returning citizens, and other new arrivals, following a surge in demand. The move will not affect those who have already bookings in place. Air NZ Chief Commercial and Customer Officer Cam Wallace speaks with Kathryn Ryan.

11.15 Business commentator Rebecca Stevenson

Stuff Business Editor, Rebecca Stevenson wonders where all the banks have gone, with many closures in urban and rural centres.

11:30 Why Not? Seizing life after going blind 

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Julie Woods was 31 when she was diagnosed with the condition that would cause her to go legally blind. Born with perfect eye-sight, she was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration when she was 18. By 2008 she had completely lost her sight - and soon after made a decision to say Why Not? to every opportunity presented to her. She speaks to Kathryn Ryan about losing her sight and overcoming the challenges that came with that, detailed in her new book, aptly titled, Why Not? 

11:45 Media commentator Andrew Holden

Andrew talks to Kathryn about Stuff quitting facebook.

Andrew Holden is a journalist for more than 30 years including five as Editor of The Press (in Christchurch) and four as Editor-in-Chief of The Age in Melbourne.