7 Jul 2020

Shortages and shipping - retailers struggling to source goods from overseas

From Nine To Noon, 9:07 am on 7 July 2020
Port of Shanghai

Port of Shanghai Photo: D Robb

Over a third of retailers are struggling to source goods from overseas, according to a new survey coming amid warnings the effects of Covid-19 on the supply chain will take hold well into next year.  With only dozens of  international flights arriving into the country a week, down from hundreds pre covid, international suppliers are opting to ship goods.  A Retail New Zealand poll shows 41% percent of retailers are experiencing stock shortages.  Items in lowest supply are books, fitness equipment, bicycles, hardware, homeware and clothing.  Retail NZ's Greg Harford explains the survey findings to Kathryn Ryan,  joined by international book buyer for Unity Books, Marcus Greville and Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Auckland Business School David Robb, who says it will be a long time before the supply chain sees a return to normal.