09:05 A bigger, better City Rail Link for Auckland?

An artist's impression of an underground station on the City Rail Link, which will be built under QE2 Square.

An artist's impression of an underground station on the City Rail Link, which will be built under QE2 Square. Photo: SUPPLIED

Public transport advocates are throwing their support behind a proposal to expand the capacity of the Auckland City Rail Link. The mayor Phil Goff says rocketing demand for public transport mean it will be cheaper to prepare for a rise in passenger numbers now than to try and retro-fit underground tunnels and platforms later. Patrick Reynolds from Greater Auckland and Jon Reeves from the Campaign for Better Transport join Kathryn to talk through the extended proposal and how hard it will be to fund.

09:15 When training goes too far. Under-eating & missing periods

Why are women training to breaking point without eating enough ? What is it doing to their bodies? And what's being done to address the problem? Kathryn Ryan talks to Waikato University Sports researcher  Dr Holly Thorpe and sports physiologist Dr Stacy Sims, about the prevalence of chronic under fueling in female athletes and why coaches and athletes are being encouraged to talk more openly about the dangers around missing periods, which they say is now becoming normalised. Christchurch athlete Rosa Flanagan also joins Kathryn to share her story. She took two difficult years to recover from not eating enough while training obsessively, which led to lost periods, low bone density and stress  fractures in her tibia and hips.

Rosa Flanagan is speaking out about what happened to her after not eating enough while training obsessively.

Rosa Flanagan is speaking out about what happened to her after not eating enough while training obsessively. Photo: supplied

09:45 Trump's tweet threat to Iran

Trump Iran tweet

Trump Iran tweet Photo: supplied

From the US, correspondent Gabrielle Levy talks to Kathryn about Trump's tweet threat to Iran,  the continuing fallout from the Trump-Putin summit, including strong blow-back from Republican lawmakers, and US planned tariffs on $500 billion in Chinese goods.

10:05 Yours very sincerely, Nelson Mandela

No caption

Photo: Andrew Zuckerman

The centenary of one of the world's most loved and highly regarded human rights leaders was marked by the only authorized collection of Nelson Mandela's correspondence during the twenty-seven years he was held as a political prisoner in South Africa.  The book contains letters, almost two thirds of which have never been seen before. Some are incredibly moving and personal, including to his children, his wife and his friends.  He left behind a  huge archive of his years in captivity, indelible ink to his anger, resilience and love for his country and his family.  The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela is edited by South African journalist Sahm Venter, with a foreword from Nelson Mandela's granddaughter Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela. They both speak with Kathryn Ryan.

10:35 NZ Books review - Edgeland and other poems by David Eggleton  

Harry Ricketts from quarterly review periodical New Zealand Books reviews Edgeland and other poems by David Eggleton, published by Otago University Press   

10:45 The Reading

Dance of the Peacocks by James McNeish, read by Ian Johnstone. Part 7 of 10. 

Dance of the Peacocks is not available online due to copyright restrictions

11:05 Multinational's appetite for leading edge new foods

The Impossible burger

The Impossible burger Photo: Flickr / Dale Cruse

Business correspondent, Rod Oram looks at leading edge new foods interesting multinationals, and escalating trade and diplomatic tensions between the US and the EU.

11:30 Learning Te Reo with help from a Ukelele

Ukele player, Roimata Smail

Ukele player, Roimata Smail Photo: supplied

Roimata Smail is a lawyer but in her spare time she writes songs in Te Reo for teachers to use in primary schools. She came up with the idea after her husband, a teacher, complained that he didn't have any good resources to teach Te Reo. 18 tracks later, Roimata has created an online resource, Wai Ako that is used to teach by about 2000 pupils in New Zealand. She's just completed recording the her latest 6 tracks and she joins Kathryn to talk through how the songs work in the classroom and how they are being used.

11:45 Offensive words, racial and cultural slurs

Media commentator Gavin Ellis looks at the words that offend us. The Broadcasting Standard Authority's 2018 survey has added racial and cultural slurs but we continue to be most offended by the same five words that topped the list five years ago. Also NZ Herald cartoonist Rod Emmerson's work features strongly in the twittersphere, and on French and German television.

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz

Music played in this show

Artist:   Bonobo
Song: Break Apart Feat Rhye
Composer: Green/ Milosh
Album: Migration
Label: Ninjatune
Time: 11:24

Roimata Smail's waiata:

Kei Te Pehea Te Ahua o Te Rangi - How's the weather

Ma Te Wa - Ways to say goodbye

Taku Pepeha - My identity