24 Jul 2018

Learning Te Reo with help from a Ukelele

From Nine To Noon, 11:25 am on 24 July 2018
Ukele player, Roimata Smail

Ukele player, Roimata Smail Photo: supplied

Roimata Smail is a lawyer but in her spare time she writes songs in Te Reo for teachers to use in primary schools. She came up with the idea after her husband, a teacher, complained that he didn't have any good resources to teach Te Reo.

18 tracks later, Roimata has created an online resource, Wai Ako that is used to teach by about 2000 pupils in New Zealand.

She's just completed recording the her latest 6 tracks and she talks to Kathryn about how the songs work in the classroom and how they are being used.