12.15 Pacific Music Awards 2020

The 2020 Pacific Music Awards will be live streamed from 7pm on Saturday, October 3, via the Tagata Pasifika Facebook page. Featuring live performances from artists including Church & AP, Lomez Brown, Lou’ana, Shepherds Reign, Lani Alo, and Disciple Pati, the ceremony is not to be missed.

Tagata Pasifika will run a TV special on TVNZ 1 on Saturday, October 17 from 9.30-11am.

INTERVIEW: Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips 

Grammy Award winning rock band The Flaming Lips have been turning out music since 1983. Wayne Coyne has been the band’s frontman since shortly after their debut. His lifelong commitment to pushing boundaries in art, music, and general strangeness has been the driving force behind The Flaming Lips’ infamous live performances.

Their live shows have included variously: confetti cannons, laser pointers, dozens of large balloons, dancers dressed as aliens, yetis, fake blood, and even Wayne appearing from a giant alien mothership. 

The Flaming Lips released their 16th album American Head last month. Charlotte sat down and talked to Wayne Coyne about the band’s incredible longevity, fatherhood, and more.

Songs played in this segment:

The Flaming Lips -Do you Realize

The Flaming Lips - Will you return / When you come down

The Flaming Lips - Watching the Lightbugs glow

The Flaming Lips - Flowers of Neptune 

The Flaming Lips - You n me selling weed

Check out this video of The Flaming Lips performing in bubbles.

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1:10 INTERVIEW: Idles' Joe Talbot on fighting fascism with empathy​

Joe Talbot is the frontman of UK punk band Idles, who have drawn attention for their lyrics which tackle sexism, homophobia, and racism. He tells Tony Stamp the bands' new album Ultra Mono is about fighting fascism with empathy.

Many of the songs on this album were inspired by therapy, and touch on the importance of self-care. This is modern punk. 

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UK punk band Idles

UK punk band Idles Photo: supplied

1.30 The Sampler

This week on The Sampler Nick Bollinger discusses the power of refusal in the music of Lincolnshire's Billy Nomates;  and a motherlode of previously unreleased Prince.

Billy Nomates

There's been enough said about the power of positive thinking, but expressing the negative can be powerful too. UK singer Billy Nomates does just that. 

Her debut single was simply titled ‘NO’ and she claims “In a world of Yes Men, I’ll be a No Woman, thanks”.

Nick Bollinger reviews her self titled debut album on The Sampler.

Songs played in this segment of The Sampler:

Billy Nomates - No    

Billy Nomates - Hippy Elite    

Billy Nomates - Supermarket Sweep    

Billy Nomates - Forgotten Normal People    

Billy Nomates - Fat White Man    

Billy Nomates - Call In Sick  

Billy Nomates - Wild Arena    

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Billy Nomates

Billy Nomates Photo: supplied


The unreleased recordings of Prince have long been the stuff of legend, until now. His 1987 masterpiece Sign O’ The Times has been re-issued, including all the original tracks as well as dozens of unreleased songs from his archive. 

Nick Bollinger reviews the re-issue on The Sampler 

Songs played on this segment of The Sampler:

Prince - Sign O The Times

Prince - Eggplant

Prince - In A Large Room With No Light

Prince - Can I Play With U?    

Prince - A Place In Heaven    

Prince - It Ain’t Over Til The Fat Lady Sings    

Prince - Rebirth Of The Flesh    

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Prince Photo: supplied

2pm LIVE - Reid and Ruins 

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Long time friends and fellow songwriters Nadia Reid and Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins) are touring Aotearoa together. The tour, aptly named Reid & Ruins, will see them perform songs from their respective albums, alone and together.

They have recorded a very special live session for us on Music 101. 

Songs played during this live session:

Nadia Reid - I Come Home To You 

Holly Fullbrook - You’ve Got The Kind Of Nerve I Like 

Nadia Reid - Woman Apart 

Holly Fullbrook - Diving & Soaring 

Nadia Reid and Holly Fullbrook - Dominion Road (Originally written by D. McGlashan)

Tour info:
Click here to buy tickets

Friday 2nd October - Yot Club, Raglan*
Saturday 3rd October - Artworks Theatre, Waiheke* [sold out]
Friday 9th October - Te Tai-rāwhiti Festival, Gisborne
Saturday 10th October - The Tuning Fork, Auckland
Wednesday 25th November - Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru
Thursday 26th November - The Piano, Christchurch
Friday 27th November - The Piano, Christchurch
Saturday 28th November - Sherwood, Queenstown
Sunday 29th September - Hanover Hall, Dunedin

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Holly Fullbrook, Charlotte Ryan and Nadia Reid

Holly Fullbrook, Charlotte Ryan and Nadia Reid Photo: supplied

2:30 INTERVIEW: Netsky and Montell2099's 'love letter to Aotearoa'​

Boris Daenen is Netsky, a Belgian Drum n Bass producer and DJ. He’s been coming to NZ every year for the past ten years, and his new single is a collaboration with 23 yr old Māori producer Montell2099 (making DnB for the first time). They spoke to Tony Stamp about the video for the track which celebrates Māori culture, and how the collaboration happened across different countries.

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3.00 INTRODUCING: Mystery Waitress

Wellington band Mystery Waitress is made up of Vocalist and songwriter Tessa Dillon, drummer Olivia Campion (Yumi Zouma, Girlboss),and multi-instrumentalist/producer James Morgan. Together they’ve crafted a unique, dreamy sound they're calling ‘fairy-tale rock’. 

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Mystery Waitress

Mystery Waitress Photo: supplied


This week Tony is joined by APRA’s Communication and Events Manager Lydia Jenkin, and Nick Atkinson, sax player for the bands Hopetoun Brown and Love Square. They crush new music from Moana and The Tribe, Fleet Foxes and more. 

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Songs played on this episode of Songcrush:

Moana and The Tribe - Toku Reo                                 

Church & AP - Yeah Nah                                        

Fleet Foxes - Sunblind                                         

Chicken ID - Lockdown Sux Sometimes

Midnight Riders meets Naram Rhythm Section - Dread In America 

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This week's crushes

This week's crushes Photo: supplied

4.00 The Mixtape: Robbie Nicol

Presenter, comedian, and writer Robbie Nicol is best known for his Youtube (and later TVNZ) show White Man Behind a Desk. Combining his love of comedy and politics, Robbie also turned White Man Behind a Desk into a travelling stage show, which earned him an award for Best Newcomer from Wellington at the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival. 

This year, he’s pivoted in a new direction. His new web series and podcast The Citizen's Handbook, which he co-writes with Finnius Teppett, aims to educate Kiwi’s about our past, present, and future, all while making them laugh. 

Charlotte Ryan talked to Robbie about his podcast, life, and of course his favourite songs on this episode of The Mixtape.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

Songs played on today's episode:


Church & AP - Ready or Not 

Church and AP - Yeahnah

Lou’ana - Move Along

General Fiyah - ‘Its You feat. Three Houses Down’

The Phoenix Foundation - Decision Dollars with Holly Fullbrook (4sec) 

Chuck Berry - Down Bound Train (built in fade)

Tom Petty - Leave Virginia Alone


Fat Freddys Drop - Hope

Gorillaz - The Pink Phantom (feat Elton John and 6LACK)

Radiohead - Everything in its right place


Sola Rosa - Searching for Love with Kiko Bin

Beacon Bloom - Droplet  

Love Square - Sonido Amazonico


The Beths - Jump Rope Gazers

Crowded House - Chocolate Cake

Janelle Monae - Turntables  

The Cars - Just What I Needed