3 Oct 2020

The Mixtape: Robbie Nicol

From Music 101, 4:00 pm on 3 October 2020

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Presenter, comedian, and writer Robbie Nicol is best known for his YouTube (and later TVNZ) show White Man Behind a Desk. Combining his love of comedy and politics, Robbie also turned White Man Behind a Desk into a travelling stage show, which earned him an award for Best Newcomer from Wellington at the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival. This year, he's pivoted in a new direction.

His new web series and podcast Citizens Handbook, which he co-writes with Finnius Teppett, aims to educate Kiwis about our past, present, and future, all while making them laugh.

Charlotte Ryan talked to Robbie about his podcast, life, and of course his favourite songs on this episode of The Mixtape.