Wax Chattels (l-r Amanda Cheng, Tom Leggett, Peter Ruddell)

Wax Chattels (l-r Amanda Cheng, Tom Leggett, Peter Ruddell) Photo: supplied


NZ Music Month Summit

Courtney Barnett


Nick Dow

Sola Rosa


Wax Chattels

The Sampler: Arctic Monkeys


The Mixtape: Rick Bryant

Music details:


Anderson Paak - Bubblin'
The Adults - Bloodlines

Courtney Barnett
Songs: I'm Not Your Mother, I'm Not Your Bitch", Nameless, Faceless, Help Your Self, Crippling Self-Doubt and a General Lack of Confidence, Sunday Roast

Punialava'a - Ta'Elega I Petesa


Nick Dow live session
Songs: Afraid For You, If I Had Eyes

Gang Gang Dance - J Tree
Caroline Rose - Jeannie Becomes A Mom

Sola Rosa
Songs: Leave A Light On, Truth, So Fly, Back To You

Cicada - Backstab
Andre 3000 - Me&my (To Bury Your Parents)
Umar Zakaria - Suite Melayu Zapin


PP Arnold - Spinning Wheel

Wax Chattels
Songs: NRG, Stay Disappointed, In My Mouth, Parallel Lines, Facebook, Concrete, It, Gillian

La Luz - Cicada
Mitski - Geyser

The Sampler - Tranquility Base Hotel by Arctic Monkeys
Songs: Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, The Ultracheese, Batphone, Star Treatment, The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip, One Point Perspective, Science Fiction

Luluc - Heist
Sons Of Zion - Vantage Point
Boycrush - Song For Alex
Kane Strang - Not Quite
Darren Watson - That Guy Could Sing!


The Mixtape - Rick Bryant

Windy City Strugglers - Unlikely Friends
Howlin Wolf - I Asked For Water (She gave me gasoline)
Burnett - His Best (Howlin Wolf album)
Bukka White - Special Stream Line
Johnny Hartman - Lush Life
Aretha Franklin - Baby, I Love You
The Impressions - Fool for You