King Kapisi

King Kapisi Photo: Kirsten Johnstone


We report back from the Pacific Music Awards that took place on Thursday

Alex presents an oral history of NZ Music Month 


Wellington rapper Rei is live in session with his te reo Maori flows

The creator of new wave and punk club nights Atomic and 24 Hour Party People, Bill E, plays us a NZ set 


Pop songwriter Matthew Young shows off his incredible voice

Melbourne's Oscar Key Sung drops in talk about his NZ shows with Noah Slee

The Sampler


The Mixtape: King Kapisi

Music Details


Pacific Music Awards

Artist: Ladi6
song: Royal Blue
Album: Royal Blue 3000
Composer: by K.Tamati, B.Park, B.Haru, J Dyne
Label: Independent

Artist: Three Houses Down 
song: Here To Stay
Album: Single
Composer: Lotima Nicholas Pome'e, Rob Pome'e 
Label: Independent

Artist: Punialava'a 
Song: Ta'Elega I Petesa
Album: Single
Composer: Punialava'a
Label: Independent

Artist: Noah Slee  
song: Lips 
Album: Otherland 
Composer: Tau Manukia/ Noah Slee
Label: Wondercore Island 

Artist: Tomorrow People 
Song: Don't wanna fight 
Composer:  Marcus Abraham, Ken Saupese, Hamo Dell, Avina Kelekolio, Duane Te Whetu, Dan Sugrue and Tana Tupai
Album: BBQ Reggae
label: Independent 

Artist: The Movement
Song: Graduated 
Album:The Undisciplined Son
Composer: Tha Movement & Anonymouz
label: Believe Music (on behalf of Tha Movement)

NZ Music Month 





Artist: REI
Song: Kia Tau
Composer: REI, Brendan Haru
Album: Rangatira 
Label: Kog/ Chief Sound

Artist: REI
Song: Rangatira
Composer: REI, Brendan Haru
Album: Rangatira 
Label: Kog/ Chief Sound

Artist: Goldfrapp and Dave Gahan
Song: Ocean
Composer: Alison Goldfrapp, Will Gregory, Dave Gahan
Album: Single
Label: Mute Records

Bill -E 

Artist: The Screaming Mee Mees
Song: See Me Go
Composer: The Screaming Mee Mees
Album: If This Is Paradise I'll Take The Bag
Label: Propeller

Artist: Instigators
Song: Hope She's Alright
Album: It's Bigger Than Both Of Us: NZ Singles 1979-1982
Label: Propeller

Artist: Freudian Slips
Song: Don't Look Up
Composer: Freudian Slips
Album: Single
Label: Jayrem

Artist:Hallelujah Picassos
Song: Rewind
Composer: Roland Rorschach, Peter Mclennan
Album:  Drinking With Judas
Label: Wildside Records

Artist: Bright Music
Song: Miracles 2
Composer: Nik Brinkman, Bevan Smith
Album: Bright Music
Label: 754783 Records DK


Matthew Young 

Artist: Matthew Young
Song: Collect, Problems,
Composer: Matthew Young
Album: Fruit
Label: Sony 

Artist: Matthew Young
Song: Fix Me Up
Composer: M. Young, Add’l, Djeisan Suskov
Album: Fruit
Label: Sony 

Artist: Matthew Young
Song: Hey
Composer: M. Young, J. Parkes, Add’l 
Album: Fruit
Label: Sony 

Artist: Matthew Young
Song: Running up that hill
Composer: K. Bush 
Album: Fruit
Label: Sony

Artist: James Blake 
Song: Don't Miss It
Composer: James Blake 
Album: Single

Artist: Snail Mail
Song:  Lets Find An Out
Composer: Lindsey Jordan
Album: Lush
Label: Matador

The Sampler - Tell Me How you Really Feel - Courtney Barnett

Artist: Courtney Barnett
Songs: Hopefulessness, City Looks Pretty, Need a Little Time, Nameless Faceless, Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self-confidence, Help Yourself, Sunday Roast
Comp: Barnett
Album: Tell Me How You Really Feel
Label: Mom + Pop Music

Artist: Tami Neilson
Song: Manitoba Sunrise at Motel 6
Composer: Tami Neilson
Label:Neilson Records/Southbound

Oscar Key Sung

Artist: Oscar Key Sung
Songs: Club Mate, Company, Simple Luv
Composer: Oscar Slorach Thorn
Album: No Disguises EP
Label: Good Manners Records

Artist: Balu Brigada
Composer:Henry Beasley, Djeisan Suskov 
Album: Single
Label: Independent



The Mixtape with King Kapisi

Artist: Yarbrough and People
Song: Don't Stop The Music
Composer: Alisa Peoples, Lonnie Simmons, Jonah Ellis
Album:The Two of Us
Label: Mercury

Artist: The S.O.S Band
Song: The Finest
Composer: Terry Lewis and James Harris III
Album: Sands of Time
Label: Tabu Records

Artist: Eric B and Rakim
Song: I Know You Got Soul
Album: Paid In Full
Label: 4th & B'way Records

Artist: Mary Jane Girls
Song: All Night Long
Composer: Rick James
Album: S/T
Label: Gordy

Artist: Rorystonelove feat. Samory I
Song: Rasta Nu Gangsta
Composer: Samory _, Gillman
Album: Black Gold
Label: Black Dub