Mahinārangi Tocker

Mahinārangi Tocker Photo: Robert Catto


Shona Laing on  Mahinārangi Tocker

Kamasi Washington


Kim Deal

Rahim Alhaj

The Sampler: American Utopia by David Byrne


Hex @ South By Southwest

Carnivorous Plant Society



The Mixtape - Tina Cross


Music details:


Artist: Constantinople
Song: Le Poisson an fond de l'Ocean
Composer: Constantinople
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: Mahinārangi Tocker
Song: Picture on my Wall 
Composer: Mahinārangi Tocker
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: Shona Laing
Song: My Love Be Still
Composer: Mahinārangi Tocker
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: Durand Jones
Song: Make a Change
Composer: Durand Jones  & The Indications 
Album: Durand Jones & The Indications
Label:  Coalmine Records

Kamasi Washington

Artist: Kamasi Washington
Song: Desire
Composer: Kamasi Washington
Album: Harmonies of Difference
Label: Young Turk

Artist: Count Basie 
Song: Make a Change
Composer: Freddie Green, with lyrics by Donald E. Wolf
Album: April in Paris
Label:  Verve label 

2-3 pm

Kim Deal 

Artist: The Breeders
Songs: Nervous Mary, Wait In The Car, Howl At The Summit, 
Composer: K Deal/Breeders 
Album: All Nerve
Label: 4AD 

Artist: Pixies
Song: All I think About Now 
Composer: Thompson/Lenchantin
Album: Head Carrier
Label: Pixiesmusic

Artist: The Breeders
Song: Cannonball
Composer: K Deal/Breeders
Album: Last Splash
Label: 4AD

Artist: Frankie Cosmos
Song: Apathy
Composer: Frankie Cosmos
Album: Vessel
Label: Sub Pop 

Artist: Cut Worms 
Song: Don’t Want To Say Goodbye
Composer: Cut Worms 
Album:  Hollow Ground 
Label: JagJaguar

Artist: Swamp Thing 
Song: Baton Rouge
Composer: Michael Barker, Grant Haua 
Album:Rumors & Lies 
Label:Twisty Pole

Rahim Alhaj 

Artist: Rahim alhaj
Song: Dream
Composer: Rahim Alhaj
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: Courtney Barnett
Song: Need A little Time
Composer: Courtney Barnett
Album:Tell Me How You Really Feel 
Label: Milk! Records

The Sampler: American Utopia by David Byrne

Artist: David Byrne
Songs: Every Day Is A Miracle, It’s Not Dark Up here, Gasoline and Dirty Sheets, I Dance Like This, Bullet, Dog’s Mind
Composer: Byrne/Eno
Album: American Utopia
Label: Nonesuch

Artist: Violons Barbares
Composer: Violons Barbares 
Album: RNZ Recording Womad 2018 
Label:  RNZ Recording Womad 2018 

3-4 pm

Artist: Golden Harvest
Song: I need your love
Composer: Golden Harvest
Album: Single 
Label:  Impact 

Artist: Hex
Song: Billboard
Composer: Kiki Van Newtown, G G Van Newtown
Album:The Hill Temple
Label: Independent  

Carnivorous Plant Society

Artist: Carnivorous Plant Society
Song, Don’t Go Outside, Car Dance, Carp In A Pond
Composer: Finn Scholes
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist:  Deva Mahal
Song: Fire
Composer: Deva Mahal
Album: Run Deep 
Label: Motema Music 

Artist: Jet Jaguar 
Song: Should be Home Now
Composer: Michael Upton
Album: Everything Happens, For Some Reason
Label: Become Eternal