Liam Gallagher

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Alien Weaponry

Aldous Harding


Liam Gallagher

The xx

The Sampler: Local picks of 2017


Female beatmakers: K2K

The Sampler: International picks of 2017


The Mixtape: Jordan Luck

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Artist: Johnny Greenwood
Song: House Of Woodcock
Composer: Jonny Greenwood
Album: Phantom Thread
Label: Nonesuch

Alien Weaponry

Artist: Alien Weaponry
Song: Raupatu, ru ana te whenua, urutaa
Composer: Alien Weaponry
Album: Single release
Label: Independent

Artist: Katchafire
Song: Way Beyond
Composer: Katchafire
Album: Way Beyond
Label: Independent 

Artist: Chance The Rapper & Jeremih
Song: Big Kid Again
Composer: Chance The Rapper & Jeremih
Album: Merry Christmas Lil' Mama
Label: Independent

Artist: Aldous Harding
Song: Blend
Composer: Aldous Harding
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: Villette
Song: Bag Of Bones
Composer: Villette
Album: Drip Crimson
Label: Independent

Artist: October
Song: All She Does Is Stare
Composer: Emma Logan
Album: All She Does Is Stare
Label: Dryden Street

Artist: Nadia Reid
Song: I Will Never Cut My Ties
Composer: Nadia Reid
Album: Letters I Wrote And Never Sent
Label: Independent

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Song: Love
Composer: Kendrick Lamar
Album: Damn
Label: Interscope


Liam Gallagher

Artist: Future Islands
Song: Beauty Of The Road
Composer: Future Islands
Album: The Far Field
Label: 4AD

Artist: Lily Allen
Song: Trigger Bang
Composer: Lily Allen, Fryars, Giggs
Album: The Fourth Wall
Label: Parlophone

The xx

Artist: Dbldbl
Song: Christmas Day At The Buffet
Composer: Dbldbl
Album: Bandcamp
Label: Independent

The Sampler local picks of 2017

Artist: Troy KIngi
Songs: Azetechowledgy, Luna Steppa, Predetermined Machine
Composer: Kingi
Album: Shake That Skinny Ass All The Way To Zygertron
Label: AAA REcords

Artist: Reb Fountain
Songs: The Arrangement, The Divine, Heart Of Me
Composer: Fountain
Album: Littler Arrows
Label: Fountain Records

Artist: Matt Langley
Songs: Winterdust, Delicate Sun, Heaven Can Wait
Composer: Langley
Album: Winterdust
Label: Independent

Artist: Indi
Songs: Precipice, Airportal, Woman
Composer: Force
Album: Precipice
Label: Bandcamp


Artist: Tune Yards
Song: ABC 123
Composer: Tune Yards
Album: I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life
Label: 4AD

She Will Move You: K2K

Artist: K2K
Song: We Down For, Malibu, Pacha
Composer: K2K
Album: Sugar EP
Label: Margins

Artist: Confidence Man
Song: Better Sit Down Boy
Composer: Confidence Man
Album: Miracle Of Modern Living
Label: Confidence Man

Artist: Blue For Noon
Song: Never Near
Composer: Blue For Noon
Album: Never Near
Label: Independent

The Sampler international picks of 2017

Artist: Big Thief
Songs: Objects, Watering, Mary
Comp: Lenker
Album: Capacity
Label: Saddle Creek

Artist: Jay Som
Songs: The Bus Song, 1 Billion Dogs, Baybee
Comp: Duterte
Album: Everybody Works
Label: Double Debim

Artist: SZA
Song: Supermodel
Comp: Rowe/Williams/Donaldson/Henderson/Landfair
Song: The Weekend
Comp: Rowe/Fayne/Timberlake/Mosley/Hills
Song: Broken Clocks
Comp: Rowe/Fayne/Paxton-Beesley/Feeney/Simmons
Album: Ctrl
Label: RCA

Artist: Vince Staples
Song: Crabs In A Bucket
Comp: Staples/Sekoff/Vernon/Robinson
Song: Big Fish
Comp: Staples/Hassan/Hassan/Houston
Song: Love Can Be
Comp: Staples/Toth/Meija/Albarn/Robinson/Mathis/Ramey/Hussery/Norwood Jr.
Song: Rain Come Down
Comp: Staples/Griffin/Sekoff
Album: Big Fish Theory
Label: Artium/Blacksmith/Def Jam

Artist: Niia
Song: Sideline
Composer: W. Godfrey, R. Braun, N Bertino,Mikky Ekko, C. Jackson & A. Green
Album: I
Label: Atlantic

Artist: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Song: Johnny Appleseed
Composer: Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Pablo Cook, Scott Shields and Tymon Dogg
Album: Global A Go-Go
Label: Hellcat

Artist: George Michael
Song: Freedom '90
Composer: George Michael
Album: Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1
Label: Columbia

Artist: Darlene Love
Song: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Composer: Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector
Album: A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records
Label: Sony Legacy


The Mixtape: Jordan Luck

Artist: Shona Laing
Song: Don't Tell Me
Composer: Laing
Album:Tied To The Tracks
Label: EMI

Artist: Headless Chickens
Song: Gaskrankinstation
Composer: Matthews
Album: Body Blow
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Elemeno P
Song: Sister
Composer: Elemeno P
Album: Love and Disrespect
Label: Universal

Artist: Tiny Ruins
Song: Me at the Museum, You at the Wintergarden
Composer: Holly Fullbrook
Album: Brightly Painted One
Label: Spunk

Artist: John Hanlon
Song: I Had to Walk Away
Composer: Hanlon
Album: Just Quietly
Label: Ode

Artist: Weta
Song: Got The Ju
Composer: Tokona
Album: Geographica
Label: Warners