David Dallas

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David Dallas

The Sampler: Les Amazones

Grayson Gilmour



Oscar Dowling

Without Borders

The Darkness

Music details

Artist: Opetaia Foa’i
Song: We Know The Way 
Composer: Opetaia Foa’i and Lin Manuel Miranda
Album: Moana Soundtrack
Label: Disney

David Dallas

Artist: David Dallas
Songs: Fit in, Probably, Don't rate that
Composer: D. Dallas
Album: Hood Country Club
Label: Universal

Artist: Talib Kweli
Songs: 64 bars freestyle
Composer: T. Kweli
Album: n/a
Label: Red Bull

Artist: Scribe feat Con-psy & Savage
Songs: Not Many
Composer: P. Wadams, M. Luafutu
Album: The Crusader
Label: Dirty Records

Artist: Tei
Song: Ba$ic
Composer: Tei
Album: OMW
Label: Independent

Artist: Glass Vaults
Song: Bleached Blonde
Composer: Glass Vaults
Album: The New Happy
Label: Melodic

The Sampler: Les Amazones d’Afrique
Artist: Les Amazones d’Afrique
Song: Dombolo
Comp: Kidjo/Farrell
Song: Doona
Comp: Keita/Farrell
Song: Wedding
Comp: Kouyate/Farell
Song: I Play The Kora
Comp: Nineka/Kouyate/Malot/Modja/Ruffino/Farrell
Album: Republique Amazones
Label: Real World

Artist: Alt-J
Song: In Cold Blood
Composer: Alt-J
Album: Relaxer
Label: Infectious

Artist: Niko Ne Zna
Song: Babushka's Borsch
Composer: Niko Ne Zna
Album: Babushka’s Balkan Banquet
Label: Independent

Artist: Look Blue Go Purple
Song: Cactus Cat
Composer: Look Blue Go Purple
Album: Still Bewitched
Label: Flying Nun

Grayson Gilmour
Artist: Grayson Gilmour
Song: Hundred Waters
Composer: Gilmour
Album: RNZ live recording
Label: RNZ

Artist: Carb On Carb
Song: Ma
Composer: Carb On Carb
Album: For Everest​/​Carb on Carb Split
Label: Black Wire Records

Artist: Teeth
Songs: Glass Ceiling, Teeth
Composer: Teeth
Album: S/T
Label: Slow Boat Records

SWIDT on Kendrick Lamar
Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Songs: Humble
Composer: K. Duckworth, M. Williams II
Album: Damn 
Label: Top Dawg 

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Songs: D.N.A
Composer: K. Duckworth, M. Williams II
Album: Damn 
Label: Top Dawg 

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Songs: Fear
Composer: K. Duckworth, A. Maman
Album: Damn 
Label: Top Dawg 

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Songs: Pride 
Composer:K. Duckworth, S. Lacy, A. Wise, A. Tiffith
Album: Damn 
Label: Top Dawg 

Artist: SWIDT
Songs: Little Did she know
Composer: Smokeygotbeatz
Album: Single
Label: Independent

Artist: The Chills
Song: Doledrums
Composer: Phillipps
Album: Doledrums / Hidden Bay
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Dbldbl
Song: 'Non-Stop Home And Away Omnibus'
Composer: DBLDBL
Album: 'Non-Stop Home And Away Omnibus'

Artist: Anna Wise
Song: Free From The Normal
Composer: Anna Wise
Album: The Feminine: Act 2
Label: Self released

Introducing: Without Borders
Artist: Without Borders
Song: See You Around
Composer: Without Borders
Album: Be A Champ
Label: Independent

The Darkness
Artist:The Darkness
Song: I beleive in a thing called love, love is only a feeling
Composer: E. Graham, D. Hawkins, J.Hawkins and F. Poullain.
Album: Permission to Land
Label: Atlantic

Artist:The Darkness
Song:One Way Ticket
Composer: D. Hawkins, J.Hawkins and F. Poullain.
Album: One way ticket to hell and back
Label: Atlantic

Artist: Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney
Song: Must Be Blind
Composer: Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney
Album: Must Be Blind
Label: Domino

Artist: 8 Foot Felix
Song: Biggalong: 
Composer: 8 Foot Felix
Album: Mad Isle
Label: Independent

The Mixtape: Andrew Keoghan
Artist: Andrew Keoghan
Song: Running
Composer: Keoghan
Album: Every Orchid Offering

Artist: Stevie Wonder
Song: Golden Lady
Composer: Wonder
Album: Innervisions
Label: Tamla

Artist: Talking Heads
Song: Once In A Lifetime
Composer: David Byrne, Brian Eno, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth
Album: Remain In Light
Label: Sire

Artist: David Bowie
Song: Ashes to Ashes
Composer: Bowie
Album: Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
Label: RCA

Artist: Frank Ocean
Song: Pink + White
Composer: Breaux, Williams
Album: Blonde
Label: Boys Don't Cry

Artist: Solange
Song: Rise
Composer: Knowles 
Album: A Seat At My Table
Label: Saint Records