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Simon Morris looks at a fairly so-so selection of releases – a French hit that may struggle away from home, a little Irish comedy about surviving high school, and two very minor animated features for the school holidays.


Spirit untamed and Cranston Academy: Monster Zone come from Disney’s competitors in the animated feature field.   One features a girl and her horse, the other a school for geniuses, under attack by monsters.


Antoinette in the Cevennes is a French romantic comedy about a woman who hunts down her married lover, on holiday with his family in the South of France.  Stars Laure Calamy (See my agent!)


And Dating Amber is a twist on the old “let’s not and say we did” plot.  Two gay school-friends – Eddie and Amber - pretend they’re going out together to divert the attention of the rest of the class.   Features Sharon Horgan (Military wives) and Lola Petticrew (A bump along the way).