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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 15 July 2021


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1.12 First Song:


1:17 Hospital EDs overwhelmed by RSV patients

Emergency Departments are being overwhelmed by the rise in RSV cases this week.

Some are in fact seeing "record" numbers of patients.

Auckland University Senior Lecturer and Bachelor of Nursing Year 2 Director at the School of Nursing, Natalie Anderson, joins Jesse to explain.

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Photo: Stuff / Stephen Forbes

1:27 Melbourne bracing for another lock down after COVID crosses the border

There are fears Melbourne is about to head into another tough lock down after 7 new community cases of COVID-19 were recorded. The virus is widely reported to have come from New South Wales residents who travelled to Victoria as movers who failed to follow COVID protocols. We speak to reporter Rebecca Holt about the latest and the mood in Melbourne as more test results are due.

A shopper crosses the street in the central business district in Melbourne on July 7, 2021

A shopper crosses the street in the central business district in Melbourne on July 7, 2021 Photo: AFP

1:35 Swimming in the wild becoming a 'thing' of the past

It's a sign of the times that these days we have to check whether an awa, roto, or moana is "swimmable" before taking a dip.

Ingrid Horrocks has just published a piece for The Guardian about her memories of swimming in the wild and fears over water degradation.

She's the author of a newly-released book called 'Where We Swim', in which she considers her relationship with water and with the world around her.

Worker in a protective suit examining pollution in the water at the industry.

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1:45 Great album: Picture Book by Simply Red

To give away this week for link 3, it's a vinyl copy of PICTURE BOOK is the debut album from Simply Red.

Originally released in 1985 and featuring the US #1 single 'Holding Back The Years' (the bands most successful single) and their cover of 'Money's Too Tight (to Mention)', as well as 'Come To My Aid', 'Jericho' and 'Open Up The Red Box'. The album hit #9 on the New Zealand Albums Chart.also nominated for 'Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group', but lost out to Dion Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder for 'That's What Friends Are For'.

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Photo: Warner Music

2:10 Music Critic: Dianne Swann

Today Dianne Swann reviews the latest album out from Anthonie Tonnon. His third album, Leave Love Out Of This, is released tomorrow and is his first album with Slow Time Records.

Anthonie Tonnon

Anthonie Tonnon Photo: Supplied

2:25 NZ Screen History: Nice One Stu

Stu Dennison was a popular and polarising character of the late 1970s, and one of the pioneering figures in children's television as the host of 'Nice One'.

His naughty schoolboy persona caused a stir and attracted as many complaints as it did fans.

He even made a full-length album 'Nice One Stu'. Stu Dennison and Roger Gascoigne join Jesse in the studio to reminisce!

Stu Dennison and Roger Gascoine on the set of a Christmas Special.

Stu Dennison and Roger Gascoine on the set of a Christmas Special. Photo: Supplied

3:10 Link 3

3:15 Your Money with Mary Holm 

Today Mary Holm answers listener questions about their kiwisaver options and personal finances. If you have a questions you can email us or text in on 2101 while Mary is on air.

Mary Holm

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

3:35 Spoken Feature: BBC Witness

In 1960 a young Englishwoman began studying wild chimpanzees in Tanzania. Her name was Jane Goodall and she would make a discovery that changed our understanding of animal behaviour. In 2014 Farhana Haider spoke to her about when she first observed chimps using sticks and grasses as tools to get food. 

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3:45 The Panel with Ziena Jalil and Peter Dunne