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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 16 July 2021

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1.12 First Song:

1:17 Concerns over Government's urban planning policy

We have a look at the challenges of urban planning amidst a housing crisis and fears new government policy could create 'urban slums'.

Claire Dale has penned a piece for Newsroom about her concerns, warning that "lower-priced housing that is not liveable is not progress".

Dr Dale is a research fellow at Auckland University's Retirement Policy and Research Centre in the Department of Economics and talks to Jesse about the concerns she's got with the policy.

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1:27 The rise of 'Finfluencers' on social media

If you're on any social media platforms, you will definitely have encountered the dreaded 'influencers' but what about 'Finfluencers'?

As The ABC reports, 'finfluencers' are gaining popularity on social media platforms and here to offer you advice, but there are warnings.

NZ Herald journalist and podcaster Frances Cook joins Jesse to discuss what a finfluencer is and whether we should be concerned by their increasing popularity.

TikTok mobile video-sharing app company logo on phone screen with internet homepage in background.

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1:35 A look at local wildlife passageways protecting our native species

Earlier this week, we did an interview about California approving the largest 'animal freeway' in the world.

An Afternoons listener texted in to tell us about an "animal bridge" built into Auckland's northern Motorway - north of Albany.

Principal Environmental specialist for Waka Kotahi, David Greig, talks to Jesse about our local animal passageways and how they're becoming more common place in roading infrastructure.

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1:50 Student enterprise creates 'Woolly Wedge' product

A group of Dunedin students are getting some attention with a product they've created from wool, wood, and old bike tubes.

The team from Kavanagh College have come up with what they call 'The Woolly Wedge' and they've already got orders in from a big brand.

Under the Door Enterprises chief executive, and Kavanagh College student, Hayley Anderson tells Jesse about their products.

(From left to right): Emmeline Taimalie, Josh Forrester, Lachie MacArthur, Te Kahui Mariu-Boreham, Lewis Chinula, Mitchell Stewart, Hayley Anderson, Kahlia Pulham.

(From left to right): Emmeline Taimalie, Josh Forrester, Lachie MacArthur, Te Kahui Mariu-Boreham, Lewis Chinula, Mitchell Stewart, Hayley Anderson, Kahlia Pulham. Photo: Supplied / Under the Door Enterprises

The Woolly Wedge.

The Woolly Wedge. Photo: Supplied / Under the Door Enterprises

2:10 Film Review: Ali Ventura

Today Ali gives her verdicts on The Tomorrow War playing on Amazon Prime starring Christ Pratt and action thriller Gunpowder Milkshake, out in cinemas now.

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2:20 NZ Live: Courtney Barnett

Our NZ Live guest today is the beloved Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett.

She's halfway through a tour of Aotearoa, most of which is sold out, and her third studio album Things Take Time, Take Time is out on November 12th.

She's in the Christchurch studio for today's NZ Live session.

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Photo: Mia Maia McDonald

3:08 Crusted Lamb Racks with Roasted Grapes

Today Julie Biuso shares her recipe for lamb racks with a side of grapes. You can find the full details of how to make this recipe here. She also shares a way to make your money go further with a vegetable curry that uses the cheaper vegetables around right now such as pumpkin, mushrooms, spinach and frozen peas.

Crusted Lamb Racks with Roasted Grapes

Crusted Lamb Racks with Roasted Grapes Photo: supplied

3:16 Music 101: Tony Stamp

Tony Stamp is hosting  Music 101 here on RNZ this Saturday afternoon. He'll share  what's happening on the music scene over the weekend, what's coming up on the show tomorrow and because Friday is new music day - he picks  a track to play.

Tony Stamp

Tony Stamp Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

3:25 Weekend Stuff: DIY tips with builder Stan Scott

Builder Stan Scott joins Jesse to talk about DIY tips. He also answers any listener questions about the jobs they have planned for the weekend. You can send your questions to or text 2101.

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Photo: Paul le Comte - five15design

3:35 Critter of the Week Dusky Dragonfly

This week’s critter is the secretive and unusual Dusk Dragonfly that lives only in the untouched forest streams of the North Island. Unlike other dragonflies, the Dusk Dragonfly takes to the air at twilight—hence its name—and doesn’t even mind a spot of light rain or drizzle.

Dusk Dragonfly

Dusk Dragonfly Photo: Milen Marinov used with permission

**This year celebrates the 10th year of National Moth Week, July 17-25. This worldwide citizen science event encourages people of all ages and abilities to learn about, observe and document moths in their own backyards and communities. The New Zealand Entomological Society is organising events around the country, including public lighting sessions to attract and collect moths and a national colouring competition. Moth poetry and ‘moth of the day’ stories will feature during the week. There is also an online depository, iNaturalist, with a project dedicated to moth week, so that we can help map the geographical distribution of our moths and provide more information about their biodiversity. Find out more at:

3:45 The Panel with Alexia Russell and Mark Sainsbury