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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 14 June 2021


1:12 First song

1:17  Decarbonising NZ's ageing vehicle fleet 

Yesterday the Government announced a rebate scheme for electric and hybrid vehicles. From the 1st of July people buying new electric and hybrid vehicles will be able to get up to $8625 back buyers of a used imported vehicle with low-emissions will be able to get up to $3450 back. The scheme will be funded through levies on high-emissions vehicles from 1 January 2022.

The move is being praised by proponents of electric vehicles, but what impact will it have in the short to medium term. Jesse is joined by the Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Council Mike Burrell to discuss the impact the scheme may have. 

loading an electric car

Photo: 123RF

1.27 Keeping fruit and veg fresh!

Are your pears going off faster than they should? Are you having to throw things out every week? Time to get on top of the food waste pouring into the compost! Sarah Pritchett from Love Food Hate Waste is on hand to explain why things keep going from whole to mould in the bowl. 

bowl of fruit

bowl of fruit Photo: Glenda Wakeham

1.34 How sound changes your experience of wine

Jo Burzynska is a wine writer, musician and multisensory artist who has just graduated with an unusual PhD. Her research has examined the effects of sound and music on the sensory, emotional and aesthetic perception of wine. She received the University of New South Wales Dean's Award for an Outstanding Thesis and she's currently an artist in residence at Christchurch Arts Centre doing a creative multisensory project. She joins Jesse to explain how sound and taste are related. 

Jo Burzynska

Jo Burzynska Photo: Supplied

1:45 Great NZ Album

2:10 Television Critic Guy Williams

Today Guy Williams talks to Jesse about Creamerie, State of Origin, Bo Burnham and the Friends reunion.

2:20  Black Sheep

Today on Black Sheep, William Ray is the final in a three part series on the case of Eric Mareo, a flamboyant orchestra conductor who was twice convicted of murdering his wife in 1936.

A portrait of bandleader Eric Mareo who was twice convicted for the murder of his wife, Thelma.

Bandleader Eric Mareo who was twice convicted for the murder of his wife, Thelma. Photo: Creative Commons

2:30 Expert feature: Chocolate making

Chocolate lovers will be tuning in for this week's expert. Jesse speaks to chocolate maker David Herrick from Foundry Chocolate.

You can text in or email your questions for David. Text 2101 or email,

3:10 Ben Wallace-Wells on the politics of Peter Thiel

New Zealand citizen and tech billionaire Peter Thiel is known as an early investor in big things like Facebook and PayPal. Now he's investing in politics, pouring millions into Senate campaigns of two longtime friends, who, like Thiel, hold populist-conservative views.  The Senate races could determine which party has control of US Senate and what the post-Trump Republican party will look like.  We'll talk to New Yorker columnist Ben Wallace-Wells about the rise of Thiel politics.

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel Photo: supplied

3:35 Voices

Amnesty International's report on repression and mass detentions of Muslims in Xinjiang was released last week. In Voices today, Kadambari Raghukumar speaks to the Auckland-based sister of one detainee whose case features in the report. 

3:45 The Panel with Ella Henry and Patrick Gower