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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 23 February 2021


1:12 First Song


1:17 Latest child poverty statistics show little change

The latest numbers on child poverty in Aoteaoroa show there's been little change.

The only bright spot in the figures released this morning is a drop in the number of whanau living in what is called material hardship.

Otago University Associate Professor Emily Keddell talks to Jesse about what the numbers mean.

child poverty

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1:27 Taking proverbial wisdom to the streets

As part of a Festival of Cultures in Palmerston North, proverbs from 23 cultures will be displayed at 29 businesses along the city's boutique retail strip, George Street.

The idea has come from Massey University Associate Professor of Classical Studies, Gina Salapata, who's a proverb fan.

She explains to Jesse how these simple short sayings connect communities and cultures.

One of the proverbs on display during the Festival of Cultures

One of the proverbs on display during the Festival of Cultures Photo: supplied

1:35 School lunches, first hand account from Shannon School experiences

After speaking to an expert in population nutrition and global health about keeping free school lunches healthy and locally sourced, there was a lot of feedback.

Among those who got in touch was a texter championing the Shannon School lunch scheme.

Shannon School principal Nick Julian joins Jesse to share how they do lunches at the small Horowhenua primary school.

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1:50 How to Write: A Crossword

Today we speak to Alan Shuker about how to write a crossword. For thirty years he's been creating the weekly general  knowledge crosswords for the New Zealand Listener.

He talks to Jesse about how to write a crossword and the different types there are.

Crossword puzzle and pencil

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2:10 Book Critic: Robert Kelly

Today Robert Kelly looks back at 18th Century poetry for his review.

2:20 Music producer Nic Manders

Nic Manders is a producer, studio engineer, musician, and most recently a solo artist for the first time with his new album This Time.

He's worked with some of our biggest acts including Brooke Fraser and Stan Walker, and behind the scenes on television productions including Dancing with the Stars and X Factor. 

He joins Jesse to play some of his favourite recordings.

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3:10 The Hollywood Con Queen uncovered by journalist Josh Dean

Most con artists are just after money. The Hollywood Con queen was after pride too. For several years the con artist  impersonated powerful women in the film industry, targeting low level crew members with promises of their first big break. Journalist Josh Dean went on a quest to uncover the identity of the person behind the scheme. He shares the twists and turns in the investigation with us and on his podcast Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen.

Josh Dean

Josh Dean Photo: supplied

3:35 Voices

On Voices, Kadambari Raghukumar meets someone with a childhood that isn't easy to forget- a former refugee from Myanmar who came to New Zealand all alone, at the age of 13.

3:45 The Panel with Julia Hartley-Moore and Pax Assadi