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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 10 November 2020

First Song: Ladyhawke - My Delirium

Kiwi Covers Songs - finalists

JD Dalton Kimcel - The Mockers - Forever Tuesday Morning

Secret Weapons For Lazy Lovers - Max Merritt and the Meteors - Slippin' Away

JLC Project - Max Merritt and the Meteors - Slippin' Away

Anabel Jamieson  - Brooke Fraser - Something in the Water

Animalhead - Th' Dudes - Bliss

Billy Edwards - Emo Empire - God Defend New Zealand 

Voice Collective - Anna Coddington - Garden

Welcomer - Goddshirt - Fiji Baby

Street Georges - The Narcs - Heart and Soul

Anxiety Club - Lorde - Team


1:17 Napier resident on worst rain and flooding she has ever experienced 

Napier streets are filled with water and silt after the city was hit by torrential rain, causing slips, power outages and school closures. 

We speak with Jamie Lindsay who lives in Bill Hercock Street, which was flooded by a nearby stream 

Check out Jamie's video of the flooding here 

Jamie Lindsay's son fishing in their flooded street in Pirimai, Napier

Jamie Hercock's son fishing in their flooded street in Pirimai, Napier Photo: Supplied/Jamie Lindsay

1:27 NIWA update on severe weather warnings around NZ

Following on from the weather issues facing Napier, there is a severe weather watch for other parts of New Zealand.

NIWA's Ben Noll talks to Jesse about which places are expected to be hit with heavy rain and strong winds next.

1.30 Restoring indigenous names in biological species

Two NZ scientists are calling for a change in the names for biology species around the world to reflect the indigenous names given to them prior to colonial scientists labelling them.

AUT's head of science Professor Len Gillman talks to Jesse about the work he and Dr Shane Wright are doing to restore indigenous titles both in New Zealand and around the world.

Head of AUT School of Science's Len Gillman with his favourite NZ native Raukaua (aka Raukaua edgerleyi)

Head of AUT School of Science's Len Gillman with his favourite NZ native Raukaua (aka Raukaua edgerleyi) Photo: Auckland University of Technology / L Henry

1.40 Voter fraud in Bird of the Year

A closely fought election on NZ soil is at the centre of a voting scandal - bound to ruffle feathers.

Forest and Bird has uncovered 1500 fraudulent votes for the little-spotted kiwi in the hotly contested Bird of the Year.

Forest and Bird spokesperson for Bird of the Year, Laura Keown talks to Jesse about the attempt to steal the victory!

Little spotted kiwi chick.

Little spotted kiwi chick. Photo: Andrew Digby / DOC

Duncan Grieve

Duncan Grieve Photo: Supplied

1:50 How to Write.. an Opinion Piece

Every week in this new series we learn how to write something different.

Today Duncan Grieve of the Spinoff tells us how to write an Opinion Piece

2:10 Kiwi Cover Song finalists

We play 10 of the top 20 finalists of our Kiwi Cover song contest. We will hear the other 10 at the same time tomorrow, including the lucky winner and runners up!

No caption

Photo: RNZ

3:10 Succession writer Lucy Prebble

Screenwriter Lucy Prebble has a special gift.  She takes complex stories ripped from the headlines and turns them into extremely popular satirical comedy-dramas like Succession and her new series I Hate Suzie

We'll talk to her how she finds the right words to make shows that are funny, tragic, and entertaining all at the same time.

3:30 BBC Witness History

3:45 The Panel with Tayyaba Khan and Phil O'Reilly