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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 1 October 2020

Critter of the Week t-shirts

Critter of the Week t-shirts Photo: RNZ/Liminal

Critter of the week t-shirts are back!

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Photo: RNZ

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1:15 Analysis of the second Leaders election debate

Last night was the second debate between National leader Judith Collins and Labour leader Jacinda Ardern . Yesterday Jesse spoke to RNZ's Caucus podcast co-host Tim Watkin about his predictions on how this debate might be different to the first one and today we hear what he thought

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and National leader Judith Collins during the Newshub leaders debate.

Photo: Screenshot / Newshub

1:20 Bringing the 'Change and Check' campaign to New Zealand

Breast Cancer Foundation ambassador Sarah Gandy decided to bring the successful 'Change and Check' campaign from the UK to New Zealand.

She joins Jesse to explain how the campaign works and why she wanted to establish it here. 

Sarah Gandy and Jesse Mulligan

Sarah Gandy and Jesse Mulligan Photo: RNZ

1:27 Citizen's Handbook returns with election specials 

 RNZ's The Citizen's Handbook team has reassembled itself to make three election specials. One about voting itself and one about each of the referanda that accompany the general election.

Host of the Citizen's Handbook Robbie Nichol joins Jesse to discuss satire in the age of pandemic.

The Citizen's Handbook: Election Special

The Citizen's Handbook: Election Special Photo: Kevin & Co

1:35 Chuseok: Korean thanksgiving with chef Yutak Son

For Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving, the Consulate of the Republic of Korea and the arts and culture organisation Satellites set up a special 'food kit' project. 

Yutak Son

Yutak Son Photo: Supplied

Yutak Son, currently head chef at The Shed at Te Motu Vineyard, designed the menu for the kits and joins Jesse to talk about Korean cuisine and thanksgiving celebrations.

Meals from Yutak Son's Korean make-at-home food kit for Chuseok, called (Gaja / Gwaja), which translates as Let’s go / Snacks!

Meals from Yutak Son's Korean make-at-home food kit for Chuseok. Photo: Supplied

1:45 Great album: Led Zeppelin III 


2:10 Dianne Swann's music choices

Bright Eyes, the American indie outfit, recently released their tenth studio album Down In The Weeds Where the World Once Was - Dianne Swann gives it the once over and plays a couple of tracks. 

2:20 Recipe request: Monica's Eatery - Monica's Sprouted Bircher Muesli 

Eateries all over the country have their special recipes. We've asked you what recipe you would like from your favourite cafe - and on your behalf we've invited them onto the show to share their secret. Today we're showcasing Monica's Sprouted Bircher Muesli from Monica's Eatery in New Plymouth and executive chef Blair Clement who created the dish.


MONICAS BIRCHER MUESLI Photo: Monica's Eatery in New Plymouth

2:25 Crimes NZ: The killing of David McNee

We look back at the killing of television interior designer David McNee in 2003.

David’s killer used a partial 'provocation defence' which was at the time referred to as the 'gay panic' defence. Jesse speaks to Law Professor Elisabeth McDonald from Canterbury University.

David McNee in 1998.

David McNee in 1998. Photo: Courtesy of NZ Herald archives

Warning: This content will not be suitable for our younger audience

prison. jail. incarceration.

Photo: Unsplash / Emiliano Bar

3:10 Link 3 Answer - all feature bass solos

Smooth Operator – Sade

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

My Generation – The Who

3:15 The importance of farming and primary sectors for economic recovery 

It is interesting to note there is a new dialogue during this election campaign about farming and the primary sector than in the previous one, says farmer and columnist Steve Wyn-Harris

He shares his thoughts with Jesse and is happy to answer any farming questions - email

Meanwhile here's the view he had yesterday while listening to Afternoons as he worked.

 Marlow Hill, Central Hawkes Bay

Marlow Hill, Central Hawkes Bay Photo: Marlow Hill, central Hawkes Bay

3:15 The 7 Jurisdictions of Australasia: Back to the Future

Covid-19 has seen not only countries but also communities and cities over the world shut down. Historian Dr Grant Morris says the situation in Australasia has almost reverted to pre-1901 when New Zealand and Australia were viewed more as seven separate colonies than two countries. 

Opening of the First Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by HRH The Duke of Cornwall and York (Later HM King George V), May 9, 1901 by Tom Roberts

Opening of the First Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by HRH The Duke of Cornwall and York (Later HM King George V), May 9, 1901 by Tom Roberts Photo: National Museum of Australia

3:35 Are we there yet

Katy Gosset explores the language children use and how parents can draw the line between what is and isn't acceptable is acceptable.

3:45 The Panel with Sue Kedgley and Mike Rehu


Music played in this show

13.10 Song : Smooth Operator - Sade


14:45 Great Album: Led Zeppelin 111

Immigrant Song 

Celebration Day 

Gallows Pol


14.10 Song You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon 

Bright Eyes:

Mariana Trench 1418

Dance and Sing      1424


13.10 Song: That's the Way - Led Zeppelin