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Critter of the Week t-shirts Photo: RNZ/Liminal

Critter of the week t-shirts are back!

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Find out about our Kiwi Cover song Contest

1:12 First song: Buffalo by the Phoenix Foundation

Jesse has crowdsourced a playlist of New Zealand songs that floored people on the first listen. 

Buffalo by the Phoenix Foundation was the most requested.

The Phoenix Foundation

The Phoenix Foundation Photo: supplied

1:17 Gisborne water rescue during wild weather weekend

Paora Ropiha and his father Winton ended up in a scary situation while diving at Turihuaua north of Gisborne with Paora's brother Wiremu and a friend.

They got into trouble when the wind started picking up and in the end they were rescued by the Coastguard.

Jesse speaks to Paora about how they managed to get to safety.

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Photo: Supplied

1:27 A push for a whakapapa netball round

Silver Fern Maia Wilson believes an indigenous netball round should be introduced in New Zealand.

Netball New Zealand is also keen on the idea of a whakapapa round, according to an article by Newsroom's LockerRoom editor Suzanne McFadden.

She joins Jesse to explain how it could work.

Silver Fern Maia Wilson.


1:35 New research on conference diversity and the persistence of 'manels' 

New research from the University of Melbourne has found that a lack of female representation persists at academic medical conferences in the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australasia.

The study found women made up just 30 percent of speakers at conferences and a third of panels were made up of only men - commonly referred to as 'manels'.

Jesse speaks to Global Women CEO Agnes Naera for her analysis of the problem.

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1:50  Chelsea Winter - Supergood - plant-based food for everyone

Celebrity chef and author Chelsea Winter has reinvented the wheel - she's come up with a brand new concept of plant-based eating for the whole family. Healthy, enjoyable sustainable eating does not need to be difficult or time-consuming she says. Her new book is called Supergood and is out today.

Chelsea Winter Supergood

Chelsea Winter Supergood Photo: Supplied

2:10 Robert Kelly - poetry written for children

Robert Kelly takes a look at the work of some of our favourite children's authors, including Lynley Dodd, Shel Silverstein and Margaret Mahy.

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy Photo: Penguin

2:20 The art of the soundtrack with Arli Liberman

Arli Liberman is a musician and composer who creates ambient soundscapes for films and live events.

He most recently created the music for new local film, Savage, which was inspired by true stories of New Zealand gangs.

He joins Jesse in the studio to share some of his musical influences and favourite tracks.

Composer Arli Lieberman

Composer Arli Lieberman Photo: supplied

3:10 Dr Hinemoa Elder - The life benefits of ancient Maori wisdom

Sometimes we have to look to the past for answers to very modern problems. Dr Hinemoa Elder is a psychiatrist who sees people suffering from stress and trauma every day. She says ancient Maori wisdom can offer a DaVinci code to unlock strategies to deal with whatever life throws us. Her new books is a collection of traditional life lessons and it's called Aroha: Maori Wisdom for a Contented Life Lived in Harmony with Our Planet

Dr Hinemoa Elder

Dr Hinemoa Elder Photo: Penguin Random House

3:30 Stand and Deliver

The first in a new series in which retired broadcaster Ian Johnstone recalls his tales of travelling in Africa, the first one as a 22 year old, in 1957.

3:45 The Panel with Teuila Fuatai and Conor English


Music played in this show

Buffalo - Phoenix Foundation


Music Feature: Arli Liberman, composer of soundtrack for Savage

Arli Liberman, MUM EXCERPT (from Savage)

Michael Brook,  SWEET PAIN (edited) 1425

Jonny Greenwood, PROVEN LANDS 1435

Ryuichi Sakamoto, RAIN 1445


 Air and their song 'Playground Love' 1455