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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 24 September 2020

Critter of the Week t-shirts

Critter of the Week t-shirts Photo: RNZ/Liminal

Critter of the week t-shirts are back!

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1:17 Australian managed isolation process 'brutal', says returning NZer

A New Zealander who has just returned home says that Australia's manged isolation facilities are 'brutal' compared to the situation here.

Peter Macky works in Berlin running a cycling company for part of the year and he recently returned home, completing 14 days in isolation in Auckland.

Peter's managed isolation room in Auckland

Peter's managed isolation room in Auckland Photo: Supplied

1:27 Shrek 2 found in Gisborne

First there was the South Island Shrek who came to our attention in 2004 - now a rival has been found in Gisborne. Rob Faulkner has been on her tail for five years but he's finally managed to muster the enormous elusive sheep into one of his back paddocks. He tells Jesse of the fun and games he's had trying to do so.

Gizzy Shrek of Wairakaia Station

Gizzy Shrek of Wairakaia Station Photo: Supplied

1:35 Greg Johnson Tilt Your Interior

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a lot of artists doing it tough - no live performances, no touring, no getting into the studio. Kiwi musician Greg Johnson has not let the challenges of these unusual times stop him from doing what he loves most - creating music. He's put together an incredible Box Set featuring all his studio albums and a ton of previously unreleased songs. He speaks to Jesse from LA about his newest project. You can find all the details on his website.

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson Photo: RNZ/Cole Eastham-Farrelly

1:45 Great album: Yusuf/Cat Stevens – Tea For The Tillerman 2      

To celebrate fifty years of Tea For The Tillerman, Yusuf/Cat Stevens has remastered his 1970 creation of which he says "....that album certainly defined me and pointed the way for my mysterious life’s journey..."

Yusuf / Cat Stevens

Yusuf / Cat Stevens Photo: Supplied

2:10 Brad Warrington's music grooves

Brad Warrington aka DJ Sticky reviews the latest album by Alicia Keys, simply titled Alicia. He also introduces us to a somewhat mysterious outfit from the UK called Sault, who have released their fourth studio album in eighteen months.


2:25 Crimes NZ: The murder of Emily Longley

On the 7th May 2011, Emily Longley was found dead at her boyfriend's house in Bournemouth England. Subsequently he was charged with her murder and his parents with covering up the crime. In Crimes NZ this week Emily's father, Newshub Digital Managing Editor Mark Longley talks to Jesse about the night he received the call from the other side of the world delivering the news his eldest daughter had been killed, the subsequent fight for justice and the process of healing. He's also made a podcast series - Death: Love, grief and hope

Emily and Mark Longley (Supplied)

Emily and Mark Longley (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

3:10 Link 3 Answer - rivers feature in the songs

Winds of Change; Artist: The Scorpions /  You Belong to Me - Artist: Jo Stafford /  Orinoco Flow - Artist: Enya

3:15 Your Money with Mary Holm: Handling debt - from mortgages to buy now pay later.​

What is the best way to deal with debt? Financial author and journalist Mary Holm examines the various options. If you have any questions about your own debt or are considering taking on more debt, email,nz

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Photo: 123rf

3:35 Are we there yet

Katy Gosset sets out to discover where children get their confidence from - and finds it's a learned behaviour.

Father And Son Sitting At Breakfast Table Together

Photo: 123rf

3:45 The Panel with Alexia Russell and Peter Field


Music played in this show

Title: Rain

Artist: Greg Johnson

Time: 1343



Title: Wild World [2020]

Artist: Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Time: 1306



Title: Winds of Change

Artist: The Scorpions

Time: 1309

Title: You Belong to Me

Artist: Jo Stafford

Time: 1413


Title: Orinoco Flow

Artist: Enya

Time: 1510


GREAT ALBUM - YUSUF/CAT STEVENS (Tea for the Tillerman 2):

Title: Wild World

Artist: Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Time: 1346


Title: Tea for the Tillerman

Artist: Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Time: 1350


Title: Hard Headed Woman

Artist: Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Time: 1351

Title: Father and Son

Artist: Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Time: 1356


MUSIC CRITIC - Brad Warrington:
Title: Me x 7

Artist: Alicia Keys ft. Tierra Whack

Time: 1419


Title: Free

Artist: SAULT

Time: 1425