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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 1 September 2020

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Spring snow in the south

The start to spring has been rather chilly for many in the south - a cold southerly has seen temperatures dramatically fall and there has been widespread snowfall. If you have snow pictures you'd like to share with us - please email

1:17 Update on the fire raging through the MacKenzie Country.

Firefighters are still battling to slow a huge scrub fire burning since Sunday in Mackenzie Country, but bad weather overnight has helped their efforts.

Reporter Tess Brunton has travelled to the region, where the Mayor Graham Smith has been talking to media about the damage caused by the inferno to date.

Large fire in Mackenzie District

Photo: RNZ / Nate McKinnon

1.20 Politics with Caucus podcast co-host Tim Watkin

Green Party co-leader James Shaw has backed down and apologised for a nearly 12 million dollar grant to a private school in Taranaki.

National Party leader Judith Collins has been forced to tell the  media she doesn't control her husband's social media after he posted anti-Labour memes on his Facebook page.

RNZ's Caucus podcast co-host Tim Waktin talks to Jesse about the issues.

A Facebook post from Judith Collins' husband, David Wong-Tung, directed at prime minister Jacinda Ardern.

Photo: Screenshot / Facebook

1:27 NZ's wealthiest, worth 68 times more than the average NZer

Wellington based writer and 2020 J D Stout Fellow at Victoria University, Max Rashbrooke, has been crunching the numbers from the 2017-18 Household Economic survey.

The numbers have shown that the country's wealthiest 10 percent have 59 percent of all the country's assets. He talks to Jesse about the massive gap between the haves and have nots.

A new debate over income inequality is taking place ahead of Saturday's election.

A new debate over income inequality is taking place ahead of Saturday's election. Photo: PHOTO NZ

1:35 Sporting promises for young people, undelivered

Sports commentator Hamish Bidwell, has taken aim at Sport NZ and other sports governing bodies, which pledged a year ago to make sport more fun and focus on development.

He says nothing has happened in the 12 months since the five codes and Sport NZ made their announcement.

Hamish speaks to Jesse about who is really making sport fun and keeping clubs running around the country.

 mixed kid teams rugby

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1:50 The Woolshed Tour: Life's A Bitch and Mel Parsons

Comedy duo The Bitches Box are touring their new show 'Life's A Bitch' across South Island woolsheds this spring.

Folk musician Mel Parsons will join them on The Woolshed tour, which kicks off at Windwhistle on October 14th, and ends at Lake Hawea on November 22nd. 

Jesse speaks to Amelia Dunbar who is one half of The Bitches' Box. 

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2:10 Laura Dooney's book choices

Laura has recently been reading personal essays. Today she's selected three very different collections, all by women. Today she reviews The Collected Schizophrenias by Esme Weijun Wang, We are never meeting in real life by Samantha Irby, and Intimations by Zadie Smith. 

2:20 Dancing through the century

It's time for a dance! DJ Sandon James from Sweet Mix Kids really know his stuff when it comes to getting a room jumping, both now and in the past. He joins Jesse to pick a dance song from every decade from 1920 to 2020!

Full Playlist: 

1920s - Arthur Freed - Singing In The Rain 
1930s Jimmie Lunceford - For Dancers Only 
1940s Chattanooga Choochoo - Glen MIller
1950s  Ritchie Valens - La Bamba
1960s Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking
1970s Donna Summer - I Feel Love
1980s The Human League - Don't You Want Me
1990s Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - C&C Music Factory
2000s One More Time - Daft Punk
2010s Lean On - Major Lazer and DJ Snake

3:10 Adelaide radio host Amber Petty turns the table on the catfish

When a popular breakfast show in Adelaide played a trick on a listener, they never expected the tables to be turned on them in a very dramatic way. It's taken former host Amber Petty 12 years to tell the story of a con artist who took advantage of her vulnerability, and took thousands of dollars from listeners who thought they were helping a woman with breast cancer. Amber Petty and the catfish who didn't get away.

Details on Amber's Debut Book | This is Not a Love Song are here.

Amber Petty

Amber Petty Photo: Supplied

3:30 Healthy or Hoax

Kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, miso, tempeh... fermented foods are everywhere, but are they actually good for us? 


3:45 The Panel with Niki Bezzant and Phil O'Reilly


Music played in this show


Title: Call Me the Breeze

Artist: Beth Orton

Time: 1348



Title: La Bamba

Artist: Ritchie Valens

Time: 1306



Title: Travelling Bones

Artist: Jenny Mitchell

Time: 1311


MUSIC FEATURE - Dancing Through 100 Years (Sandon James) 

Title: Singin' in the Rain

Artist: Gene Kelly

Time: 1424


Title: For Dancers Only

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford

Time: 1427

Title: Chattanooga Choo Choo

Artist: Glenn Miller

Time: 1429


Title: La Bamba

Artist: Ritchie Valens

Time: 1432


Title: These Boots are Made for Walking

Artist: Nancy Sinatra

Time: 1435


Title: I Feel Love

Artist: Donna Summer

Time: 1438

Title: Don't You Want Me

Artist: Human League

Time: 1442


Title: Gonna Make you Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

Artist: C & C Music Factory

Time: 1445

Title: One More Time

Artist: Daft Punk

Time: 1448


Title: Lean On

Artist: Major Lazer

Time: 1452

Title: Blinding Lights

Artist: The Weeknd

Time: 1457