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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 2 March 2020

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1:17 Is the welfare state fit for purpose? 

There's a lot of talk at the moment about quite what the role of the state should be in peoples' lives. 

And it looks increasingly like that is going to be a key election issue as we head towards September with two major social policy referendums. 

Professor Jonathan Boston from Victoria University published a book right at the end of last year titled Transforming the Welfare State and he's speaking about it this week.

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Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

1.27 Roxburgh cinema could be setting a world record

There's a cinema in Central Otago that might just be the longest continuously running movie theatre in the world!

It's called the Roxburgh Cinema, formerly the Roxburgh Atheneum, and it's been showing films since 1897 in the central Otago town. 

Annie Kennedy from the Roxburgh Centre joins us to explain how it's still going strong. 

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Photo: Roxburgh Centre

1.34 International Women's Day on RNZ Concert 

This coming Sunday is International Women's Day and RNZ Concert has a week of coverage called 'Women in Music Days' to celebrate women in contemporary music. 

I'm joined by RNZ Concert star Clarissa Dunn to talk about some of the amazing contemporary work contemporary composers and performers are getting up to.

Composer Claire Cowan in her Auckland studio

Composer Claire Cowan in her Auckland studio Photo: RNZ - Tim Dodd

1:45 Great NZ Album


2:10 Television Critic: Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly has some strong feelings about the use of sound and music in new (ish) series hitting our screens and streaming platforms. Robert discusses Sharp Objects, Watchmen and The Brokenwood Mysteries. 

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2:20 Poetry confessions thrive in NZ primary schools 

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Poetry is alive and well in New Zealand primary schools! 

Teachers around New Zealand are currently using a famous William Carlos Williams poem to get children to admit their naughtiest deeds. 

2:30 Growing Healthy pot plants

Pot plants are back in a big way! It seems even in the smallest of living spaces pot plants are blooming. Gardening guru Lynda Hallinan joins Jesse to share her expertise on how to get your house plants thriving and how to choose the right plants for your rooms! What and how often should you feed them? And what about watering? How much light do they need? All your questions answered!


Orchids Photo: Public Domain

3:10 Growing old in a French way

International model and ambassador for Chanel, Caroline de Maigret started feeling older when she started noticing little things. Living in Paris, people called her madame not Mademoiselle more, and men noticed her less. Together with her friend Sophie Mas, she shares how French women have taught her to accept the realities of ageing  and  imperfection in a new book, Older But Better, But Older: The Art of Growing Up.

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4:05 The Panel with Ella Henry and David Farrar