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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 25 November 2019

1:10 First song: Tunes of I - Get Up

An exciting time for Tunes of I  they've just released their new single and have a great summer tour planned - they're in our Wellington Studio today to tell us more and play LIVE for First Song. Tour details are here 

Tunes of I

Tunes of I Photo: Supplied

1:17 Honey prices slump as beekeeping market heats up 

Beekeepers are facing pressures as prices drop, because more commercial beekeepers are entering the market. Those in the industry say the 'gold rush' for mānuka honey is partly to blame. 

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1.27 Kings' new song for suicide awareness

Our next guest is a musician that has commanded the charts and the airwaves, but Kings is now using his talent for a campaign close to his heart.

He's teamed up with charitable trust Key to Life to put a spotlight on suicide, through a new song RIP. He's in studio to talk about recording it, alongside Tai Tupou from Key to Life. 


Kings Photo: Supplied

1:32 Eleanor Catton writes new film of Jane Austen's Emma

The work, and life, of the novellist Jane Austen has inspired DOZENS of films, books, and plays ... from Bridget Jones's Diary, to Bride and Prejudice, to Clueless, and many more besides.

But there nothing wrong with a good old straight adaptation, faithful to the source ... and next year, a version of Austen's novel Emma - written by our very own Eleanor Catton - will hit the big screen.

Jocelyn Harris is a Professor Emerita of English at Otago University who specialises in Jane Austen, and she joins us to talk about the joys and challenges of adapting Austen's work.

A screenshot from the upcoming film "Emma", written by Eleanor Catton

A screenshot from the upcoming film "Emma", written by Eleanor Catton Photo: Screenshot/Focus Features

1.34 Edmund McWilliams on the making of Bressa Creeting Cake

1:45 Great NZ Album - Bressa Creeting Cake

Bressa Creeting Cake

Bressa Creeting Cake Photo: Flying Nun Records

2:10 Television Critic: Tony Stamp

Tony reviews The Mandalorian, Dark and Hot Ones.

2:20 Designing waste-free buildings

The construction sector producers about 1.6 million tonnes of waste every year - about HALF of New Zealand's total output.

So there's plenty of room for improvement. That's where Ged Finch comes in.

Ged's a PhD candidate at Victoria University in Wellington - and he's created a self-bracing, wooden frame, which could have big implications for how buildings are constructed around the world.

He's just returning from showing off his design in Switzerland and joins us to explain a bit more about it.

Ged Finch's X-Frame design

Ged Finch's X-Frame design Photo: Supplied/Ged Finch

2:30 Expert Feature

Glass is one of the most used and dexterous materials we use in our everyday lives - to the point where many of us probably take it for granted.

Dr Ian Brown is a distinguished scientist at Callaghan Innovation who's been studying glass for decades.

He joins us to talk about its history, its mysteries, and its makeup.

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Photo: pixabay

3:10 Margaret Atwood on how good conquers evil

The oppressive Republic of Gilead in The Handmaid's Tale, where women are stripped of their rights and forced to bear children, comes from the brilliant mind of author Margaret Atwood and the pages of history. The popular TV series based on her book tells the story of how extreme fundamentalists overthrow the US government after environmental collapse. What happens next? After 34 years, Margaret Atwood has written a sequel, The Testaments and she's coming to New Zealand in February to share her thoughts about how evil flourishes and how it eventually dies. Details are here.

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood Photo: Supplied

3:35 Voices

A successful entrepreneur reflects on the legacy of his hard-working blue-collar immigrant parents from Samoa. 

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel hosted by Mike Rehu with Alexia Russell and Conor English