1:10 First song: Blam Blam Blam - There is no Depression in New Zealand 

The RNZ music crew en masse recently headed to The Others Way Festival in Auckland's K Road where they recorded a whole bunch of really cool songs by big names such as The Chills, Blam, Blam, Blam, Soaked Oats and Mermaidens.

The Others Way is a music festival that takes place annually on Auckland’s K Road. This year more than 40 bands played across 10 venues. And today for First Song we're going to hear the live version of Blam Blam Blam 'There is no Depression in New Zealand' which was recorded at the festival. 

You can check all out all the Others Way videos here

Blam Blam Blam

Blam Blam Blam Photo: Blam Blam Blam

1:17 Truckloads of concrete dumped at Flaxmere housing development

The Flaxmere community is in shock after twenty-seven truckloads of concrete and rubbish was dumped on the grounds of a new housing development outside Te Aranga Marae. 

Where the rubble came from is a mystery, but one that locals say will be unraveled and the culprit's caught. 

Henare O'Keefe is a Flaxmere Ward councillor and a spokesperson for the marae, he's with Jesse in the Napier Studio to tell us more about the situation. 


1:27 Call for more awareness and action against meningococcal B

There's been an increase in the number of cases of meningococcal this year, 42 per cent up from this time last year.

Its led to a call for more awareness and action, with GPs in Hawke's Bay vaccinating boys and girls so they are protected before they hit university.

To find out more about what the symptoms are and what can be done to prevent it, we're joined by the director of the Meningitis Foundation Andrea Brady. And if you want to know more about it, check out the foundation's podcast here.

No caption

Photo: Andrey Popov 123RF


1:35 Poems about the New Zealand Wars

In the lead up to He Rā Maumahara - the New Zealand Wars Day of Remembrance - Auckland Museum ran a poetry competition to reflect on what the wars mean today. The idea was to share stories and challenge assumptions about the wars.

Elizabeth Gresson was one of five winners, and she joins us to read her poem and tell us the story behind it. 

Elizabeth Gresson

Elizabeth Gresson Photo: Supplied


1:50 Sequel to the Wonky Donkey released

The Wonky Donkey has been on the bookshelves of Kiwis and Aussies since it was released in 2009 but then last year it became famous around the world, after a video of a grandmother reading it to her grandson went viral. 

And that joy will soon be replicated as the sequel is being released. The Dinky Donkey comes out today and we are lucky enough to be joined by its author Craig Smith.


2:10 Film Review: Ali Ventura

Ali Ventura reviews Terminator: Dark Fate and Bellbird


2:20 NZ Live: Stan Walker 

Stan Walker is known to New Zealand audiences as the winner of Australian Idol, as a judge on The X Factor NZ, a star of stage and screen. He's also a platinum selling recording artist. He is our guest today on NZ Live.

Stan Walker

Photo: RNZ / Cole Eastham-Farrelly


3:00 After Afternoons Podcast

Behind the Scenes of Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan and Ali Ventura


3:10 Ain't no Thang like a Chicken Wing

Chef James Beck cooked at some of the top restaurants in the world before heading to the Hawkes Bay to set up his own eatery. Bistronomy in Napier is that place and his philosophy is about making everyday eating a little bit extraordinary. He's in the Napier studio for a chat and to share his recipe for Ain't no Thang like a Chicken Wing, described by Cuisine as genre defining. He's also got a couple of events at the Food and Wine Classic which officially opens tonight and runs until the 10th of November. 

Aint no Thang Like a Chicken Wing

Aint no Thang Like a Chicken Wing Photo: James Beck from Bistronomy

3:20 Music 101: Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan host of Music 101 pops into the studio to talk music - new music, live music around the country this weekend and what's coming up on her show tomorrow. 

3:30 Critter of the WeekThe Auckland Island Rail

Our critter this week is the Auckland Island rail – NZ’s rarest rail only found in subantarctic Auckland Islands group.

 Doc's Threatened Species Ambassador, Nicola Toki says it's probably flightless, and definitely territorial, sedentary and diurnal.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day

4:05 The Panel with Ruth Money and Damian Christie