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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 13 June 2019

1:10 First song

1:15 Landlords under the pump to insulate homes by July 1

Landlords have until July 1 to make sure their properties are properly insulated, under pain of a $4,000 fine - something they've known about since 2016.

But many haven't done so, and now insulators are saying there's no way they'll be able to get to all the houses they need to by that date.

Andrew King is the executive officer for the Property Investors' Federation and joins us to talk about the issue, and whether he has any sympathy for those who might soon be stung in the pocket.

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1:25 Death: a podcast about love, grief and hope

Eight years ago, long-time journalist and Newshub Managing Editor Mark Longley went through the worst thing that can happen to a parent: his daughter Emily was murdered, aged just 17.

Now, he's written and presented a new podcast examining death: how we talk about it. How we mourn. how we cope. And why people find it so hard to talk about it.

He joins us to talk about the process of making the podcast, and what he learned from his experience.

Mark Longley, presenter of new podcast Death: a podcast about love, grief and hope

Mark Longley, presenter of new podcast Death: a podcast about love, grief and hope Photo: Supplied/Rob McCann

1:35 Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox come to NZ

Robin Ince is one half of the BBC science and comedy show The Infinite Monkey Cage, along with physicist Brian Cox - and the pair have hit New Zealand shores for the first time!

They performed in Christchurch last night and have another show in Auckland coming up this Saturday.

Robin joins us from the Christchurch studio to talk about the show, what you can expect, and the importance of asking scientists stupid questions.

Robin Ince

Robin Ince Photo: Supplied

1:40 Great album

2:10 Music Critic: Colin Morris

Colin is bringing in two albums for review - Undress by The Felice Bros and from the vaults of his own collection, released in 1999 Tierra De Nadie  by electronic bagpipe player Hevia.

2:25 NZ Biography: Bill Andersen 

Dr Cybèle Locke tells us about the life and political career of unionist and communist, Bill Andersen. He was one of the participants in the 1951 Waterfront Lockout and the president of the Northern Drivers' Union and later the National Distribution Union. He was a household name in the 1970's when he was an outspoken opponent of Prime Minister Robert Muldoon and championed a variety of causes such as workers’ rights, Māori land rights, pacifism, and an end to all forms of racism. 

Bill Andersen is arrested at Bastion Point

Bill Andersen is arrested at Bastion Point Photo: Dictionary of New Zealand Biography

3:10 Link 3

3:15 Your Money with Mary Holm: Five KiwiSaver Developments​

Financial journalist and author Mary Holm talks about how KiwiSaver has reached two milestones.

She also urges members to make sure - in the next few days - that they will get the maximum government contribution this year, and suggests people aged 60 to 64 sign up before July 1 to get a better deal from the scheme.

Mary next turns to KiwiSaver statements - how they are now giving members more information, and how next year's statements will be better still.  

She also suggests members use an online KiwiSaver health checker to see if they are in the right fund for them, paying the correct tax and so on.
Finally, Mary says that the Commission for Financial Capability is reviewing how KiwiSaver could be improved. She asks listeners to email their suggestions to, with the subject "KiwiSaver changes" before Sunday June 23.  Mary will forward the best ideas to the Commission.

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3:35 What should you tell your kids about pornography?

It's the last episode in this series of Are We There Yet

Pornography is everywhere and more children are seeing it than ever before. 

Katy Gosset looks at why we need to talk to kids about it and how to start the conversation.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Lynda Hallinan and Chester Borrows