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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 13 April 2018

1:10 First song

1:15 Plain tobacco packaging

Research out today says legal threats by the tobacco industry delayed plain tobacco packaging in New Zealand by three years. Professor George Thomson from the University of Otago explains why.

The cost of a packet of cigarettes is currently about $20.

The cost of a packet of cigarettes is currently about $20. Photo: 123RF

1:20 The importance of the microbiome

We know a well-balanced microbiome maintains good health and contributes to digestion. But what happens when our gut is unbalanced?

Escherichia coli - one of the many species of bacteria present in the human gut

Photo: Public domain

1:25 Car pooling comes to Auckland

Easy As Carpooling

Easy As Carpooling Photo: supplied

Carpooling is massively popular in Europe and other parts of the world, but not really here. A group of people from France living in New Zealand are doing something about that with the launch of a new website.

1:30 The samurai wasp and the stink bug

A tiny samurai wasp could be deployed to combat the brown marmorated stink bug should it arrive on these shores.

Brown marmorated stink bug.

Brown marmorated stink bug. Photo: Wikicommons

1:40 Great album: Trinity Roots - True

2:10 Film Review

Richard Swainson reviews A Quiet Place and Early Man

2:20 NZ Live Nomad

Nomad are a talented young trio from Christchurch; Aasha Mallard,  Will McGillivray and Cullen Kiesanowski

While they are just hitting 20 they have already had hits you might have heard already such as All of My Heart and the very catchy Oh My My - they have had 3 million plays on spotify. 

Last week they released their debut album Can You Feel It, and they join us in our Auckland studio to share some of their songs.

3:10 Kelly Gibney's roasted cauliflower soup

As the cold weather sets in, there's nothing like a lovely bowl of soup. We can attest that Kelly Gibney's roasted cauliflower and walnut soup is delicious, so we invited her in to share the recipe.

Kelly Gibney's Roasted cauliflower, rosemary & walnut soup

Kelly Gibney's Roasted cauliflower, rosemary & walnut soup Photo: From Kelly Gibney's book, Wholehearted

3:20 Talk the Walk

We start our new series on New Zealand's great walks, talking to the people who know each walk the best. Today we look at the Routeburn track with Rob Brown of Wanaka, who is a tramper, tramping author and runs a volunteer programme maintaining New Zealand's remote backcountry huts and tracks. He's also a photographer and has walked the Routeburn many times

3:25 Critter of the Week: Muehlenbeckia astonii

In the wild, this attractive shrub is critically endangered, but many listeners will be familiar with Muehlenbeckia astonii as a popular garden plant. It’s one of New Zealand’s few truly deciduous plants and DOC’s Threatened Species Ambassador, Nicola Toki, tells us some theories behind its unusual appearance.

Muehlenbeckia astonii

Muehlenbeckia astonii Photo: Emma Neill (DOC)

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Janet Wilson and Chris Wikaira