13 Apr 2018

Kelly Gibney's roasted cauliflower and walnut soup

From Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan, 3:07 pm on 13 April 2018

Jesse Mulligan's four-year-old daughter can take down three bowls of wholefood chef Kelly Gibney's roasted cauliflower and walnut soup. She shares the recipe with us.

Kelly Gibney's Roasted cauliflower, rosemary & walnut soup

Photo: From Kelly Gibney's book, Wholehearted

This recipe is from Kelly's book Wholehearted. When she posted it on her blog recently, the crowd went wild.

"I put up the soup recipe because it was actually what I was making for dinner, and people have gone nuts for it. "

People love the soup's delicately earthy flavour and comforting creaminess (even though it's dairy-free).

And – very importantly – it's straightforward to make.

"You can pick up the ingredients on the way home and get it done in no time at all without any preplanning."

Although this is a vegan soup recipe, Kelly makes it with chicken stock (homemade from leftover roast chicken bones) if she has it.

If not, she uses homemade vegetable stock made from vegetable cuttings kept in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

If you're making vege stock, Kelly recommends adding a couple of prunes to "fatten out the flavour" (a Yotam Ottolenghi tip) or a stick of kombu for an umami taste.

When you make up a big batch of stock, it's convenient to store "manageable amounts" in jars you can slip into the door of your freezer.

"If you're not making something massive, I find putting it in jars a really great way to save space in the freezer."

Kelly says she's bursting with ideas for the next recipe book, and negotiations are underway.

"We'll see. I need my partner's sign-off. It requires the whole family to have patience."

Recipe: Kelly Gibney's roasted cauliflower and walnut soup