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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 12 February 2018

Short Story Club

We will talk about poems on Thursday, some new NZ poems have been published in The Aotearoa / NZ issue of Poetry magazine.

Identity Politics by Tayi Tibble

The Truth about Palmerston North by Tim Upperton

I come from Palmerston North by James Brown

Email us your thoughts on any or all of the poems, and be in to win a copy of the NZ issue of Poetry

1:10 First song

1:15 Auckland and Nelson's stinky, contaminated beaches

If you're in Auckland or Nelson today and were thinking of going for a swim at the beach, think again.

Quite a number of beaches are unswimmable after downpours caused widespread sewage overflows in those two centres.

The Nelson City Council says untreated sewage and stormwater contaminants has flown into the Nelson Haven and Waimea Estuary. People there are advised to avoid all contact with the water in local beaches until further notice.

In Auckland more than 50 of the city's beaches are unswimmable or there are concerns about the water quality.

Watercare's chief operations officer Mark Bourne joins the show to explain what's happened to the Auckland's beaches.

A sewage leak to homes being evacuated in Auckland.

A sewage leak to homes being evacuated in Auckland. Photo: RNZ / Nikki Mandow

Ed Yong

Ed Yong Photo:

1:25 Ed Yong on correcting his gender bias

Ed Yong is a respected science writer for the Atlantic, we had him on the show last year in 2016 to chat about his book about microbes.

It was around this time that Ed noticed something in his writing, not a style but rather a bias he hadn't seen before. He realised he had been leaving female scientists out of his work.

Unconsciously, he'd fallen into the trap of gender imbalance, which he has now spent two years trying to fix. 

1:35 Insects galore - Peter Johns' insect collection

Canterbury Museum is entering phase 2 of a project to catalogue 140-thousand New Zealand insects and list them online as a resource for researchers worldwide.

The significant collection includes craneflies, weta, millipedes and centipedes from all over the country.

Peter Johns' is a research fellow at the museum and has been collecting the insects during his 6 decade career in entomology.

He has also been elected as a Fellow of the Entomological Society of New Zealand, an honour bestowed on only seven other living New Zealand entomologists.      

1:40 Great album: Harvest Moon - Neil Young

2:10 Television Critic Melenie Parkes

Melenie Parkes has been watching:

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel (Amazon)

History Of Comedy (TVNZ 1 and TVNZ 1 On Demand)

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Netflix)

Phil Lamason

Phil Lamason Photo: Wikipedia

2:15 The story of Phil Lamason

The story of kiwi pilot Phil Lamason saving 167 airmen from the Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp isn't well known in New Zealand, even among military personnel.

A book out this Wednesday aims to change that. The book titled I Would not Step Back chronicles the life of Phil Lamason who died in 2012 after spending the rest of his time as a farmer in Dannevirke.

Mike Harold is a co-author of the book and knew Phil Lamason through their connection as farmers.

2:20 Expert feature: Taxidermist David Jacobs

For David Jacobs taxidermy is in the blood.

He's the fourth in a line of Jacobs men who have pursued taxidermy as their life work. It's taken him all over the world and he's now based in Arrowtown.

David spends most of his time converting the great catches of various hunters and anglers as well as a number of projects for museums around the country.

3:10 Stephen Humphrey Bogart on his dad and Casablanca

Stephen Humphrey Bogart wasn't even born when his  father, Humphrey Bogart, made Casablanca 75 years ago. It is considered one of the greatest films of all time. 

Stephen Bogart was only 8 when his father died, but he will always have Casablanca and the stories his mother, Lauren Bacall has shared about the Hollywood legend who died too soon. 

Stephen Humphrey Bogart talks to Jesse Mulligan about the 75th anniversary of Casablanca and the legacy of Humphrey Bogart

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Tracey Bridges and Tim Watkin