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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 1 February 2018

After 3 today we will discuss Marae Shuffle by Apirana Taylor

Have a read and email us your thoughts, to be in to win a copy of his latest novel, Five Strings

1:10 First song

1:15 Goodbye heat, hello summer storm 

Former Tropical cyclone Fehi is causing chaos across the country, with some residents told to evacuate their homes. 

Heavy rain has caused flooding in Auckland while the South prepares for the onslaught. Power is out to some properties in Taranaki and Whanganui due to the strong strong winds. 

We wrap up the latest and check in with NIWA meteorologist Ben Noll about what's to come. 

1:25 Traumatic brain injury and dementia

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A new study has found that people with traumatic brain injury are more likely to be diagnosed with dementia, decades after the injury.

The Swedish study is one of the first to look at the lasting impact of traumatic head injuries, discovering the risk of dementia is increased even 30 years later. 

Dr Alice Theadom, Associate Professor of Psychology at AUT, is researching the effect of traumatic brain injury and discusses what this new study means. 

1:35 An app for co-parenting

School trips, doctors appointments, holidays...organising children can be stressful and chaotic, even more so when  parents aren't together. Then the situation can be become contentious. 

Family Works Resolution service has a new app to help stop kids being stuck in the middle of feuding, separated parents. 

It allows them to communicate politely and civilly with each other...with something called the "Tonemeter".

Timothy McMichael, NZ Mediator of the Year 2017 and Family Works Resolution Service manager, tells us more. 

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1:40 Great album: Protection by Massive Attack

2:10 Theatre Critic John Smythe

John reviews Joan, which is on at Circa Theatre

2:20 Simon Wilson: Why Cycling is good for drivers

Simon Wilson, senior writer at the NZ Herald, argues that cycling is good for drivers and good for taxpayers, and should be encouraged in our biggest city.

2:30 NZ's most unsuccessful gold-rush

New Zealand has seen some of the greatest gold-rushes in the world.  The locations still evoke images of the excitement, danger and economic growth that occurred during the rushes - Gabriel's Gully, Arrowtown, Thames, Hokitika, Waihi… and Karori...

Historian, Grant Morris of Victoria University has been digging into Wellington's past and the brief and unsuccessful Karori gold-rush.

Zealandia, where gold was discovered in 1869

Zealandia, where gold was discovered in 1869 Photo: supplied

3:10 Short Story Club

Today we will discuss Marae Shuffle by Apirana Taylor

Have a read and email us your thoughts, to be in to win a copy of his latest novel, Five Strings

3:25 Tell me about your thesis

For his thesis, mountain biker, Matt Miller invented the invented the Brake Power Meter, which automatically measures braking power and time spent braking while you ride, which is a world first. It allows cyclists to analyse their braking patterns, and use the information to be more competitive.

3:30 BBC Witness

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel hosted by Ali Jones today, with Finlay MacDonald and Niki Bezzant