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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 27 September 2017

1:10 First song

1:15 Does movie violence influence kids?

Violence in movies and on TV has long been seen as a bad influence on children. To combat that we have warnings and ratings to give parents a heads up when guns or fighting is about to be shown. 

That doesn't mean it's curbed the images of violence though and new research out of the US suggests that kids are in fact influenced by what they watch - and it may even change how they play.

We speak to Kelly Dillon, head author of a paper that asks "Are Children Who See Movie Characters Use Guns More Likely to Use Them?"

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1:25 Hidden Steroids 

A warning today for gym buffs and athletes - there could be steroids hidden in your supplements. 

A new study by the University of Otago and researchers in Australia found one in 20 sports supplements they looked at contained anabolic steroids, and many didn't declare it on their labels. 

These are sports supplements available over the counter, and a recent report tells us that 95 per cent of elite kiwi athletes use these kind of products.

Research leader Professor Alison Heather from Otago University joins us to discuss the findings. 

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1:35 Sound archives - New Zealand's "darkest day"

In two weeks' time, commemorations will be held around New Zealand and at Ypres in France to mark the centenary of what has been called "our darkest day",

When 843 New Zealanders were killed in just a few hours on the morning of the 12th of October 1917, near Passchendaele.

In the sound archives of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision we can hear accounts from men who were there.

1:40 Great album: BB King Live at the Regal

Live at the Regal was recorded in 1964 at the Regal Theater in Chicago by American blues guitarist and singer B.B. King. It's seen as one of the greatest blues albums ever recorded.

2:20 Bookmarks with Jonny Brugh

He was one half of pioneering comedy duo Sugar and Spice,  then went on to play 183 year old Deacon in Taika Waititi's "What We Do in the Shadows".  Soon he'll be seen in the third series of TVNZ1's  "800 Words."   Former Billy T James award winner Jonathan Brugh is talking about TV, Movies, Books and Music with Jesse this afternoon.

Jonny Burgh

Johnny Burgh as Monty in TVNZ's 800 Words Photo: Supplied

3:10 Emily Esfahani Smith: Stop looking for happiness

Emily Esfahani Smith

Emily Esfahani Smith Photo:

There is more to life than being happy. But you wouldn't know that with endless studies and international indexes rating our level of happiness.

Writer Emily Esfahani Smith went on her own journey, talking to hundreds of people to find out why we are so obsessed with happiness and what actually gives people real joy.  

She shares the lessons she learned in her book  The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfillment in a World Obsessed Happiness.

She believes there are four pillars of meaning that people base their lives around: belonging, purpose, storytelling, and transcendence. She says some people lean on certain pillars more than others to find meaning in life, and has created a quiz to work out which one is your main pillar

3:35 RNZ Eyewitness

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Victoria Stewart and Chris Wikaira



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1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Chelsea Jade
TITLE:      Life of the Party
COMP:     Chelsea Jade  
ALBUM:   Single release
LABEL:    Bandcamp

1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:
ARTIST:    BB King    
TITLE:      Everyday I Have The Blues
COMP:     Memphis Slim
ALBUM:   Live At The Regal

ARTIST:    BB King    
TITLE:      Sweet Little Angel
COMP:     Riley King, Jules Taub
ALBUM:   Live At The Regal

ARTIST:    BB King    
TITLE:      How Blue Can You Get?
COMP:     Jane Feather
ALBUM:   Live At The Regal

ARTIST:    BB King    
TITLE:      Help the Poor
COMP:     Charlie Singleton
ALBUM:   Live At The Regal

2:10pm - MUSIC CRITIC - Simon Sweetman:
ARTIST:    Oumou Sangare
TITLE:      Yere Faga
COMP:     Oumou Sangare
ALBUM:   Mogoya
LABEL:    Apple music

ARTIST:    Tony Allen
TITLE:      Cool Cats
COMP:     Tony Allen, Yann Jankielewicz
ALBUM:   The Source
LABEL:    Universal

2:30pm - BOOKMARKS:
ARTIST:    Geoff Maddock
TITLE:      Kalashnikov
COMP:     Geoff Maddock
ALBUM:   Demo only
LABEL:    Download

ARTIST:    Aldous Harding
TITLE:      Horizon                
COMP:     Aldous Harding
ALBUM:   Party