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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 19 September 2017

1:10 First song

Tribute to the Suffragettes, Christchurch, NZ

Tribute to the Suffragettes, Christchurch, NZ Photo: Wikimedia Commons

1:15 Suffrage Day and the fight for women's rights

On this day in 1893 New Zealand became the first nation in the world to grant women the right to vote.

Times have certainly changed since then but the fight for equality in our country continues. Women make up less than a fifth of boards of NZX listed companies, and 37 NZX companies have no women on their boards.

We speak to Miranda Burdon, the Chief executive of a group dedicated to championing women in business, 'Global Women'.

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Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

1:25 100 years since Motuihe prisoner of war escape

An unusual but colourful event will be celebrated on Motuihe Island early next month.

October 8th marks one hundred years of the escape of a German prisoner of war being held on the Hauraki Gulf island.

Count Felix Von Luckner was held on the island after he ventured into the south pacific in 1917.

The Motuihe Island restoration trust is holding an event to mark the centenary since the colourful German navy captain and his crew staged their daring escape.

Fiona Alexander from the Motuihe Island restoration Trust talks to Jesse about their plans.

Aerial view of Motuihe Island

Aerial view of Motuihe Island Photo: public doman

1:35 Protecing NZ's native birds of prey

Debbie Stewart has spent the last 3 decades protecting, and rehabilitating New Zealand's threatened birds of prey

She set up the Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre in Rotorua where she pioneered the breeding of New Zealand Falcons (Karearea) and Morepork (Ruru) and has been releasing them back into the wild.

The centre has just won an environmental grant to film Karearea in their natural habitat throughout the year - a sight rarely seen -  from hatching at the nest to fully fledged adults.

1:40 Great album: The Cure, Seventeen Seconds

Seventeen Seconds is the second studio album by British alternative rock band The Cure from 1980.

2:10 Book critic Steph Soper

Book Marketer Steph Soper tells us about BookTube - a  community on YouTube where people record themselves gushing over books they love.

You can check out Steph's own BookTube channel here

2:20 Music Feature:  The Wellington music scene in the 80s

In today's music feature we are taking a journey back to the 1980's.  New Zealand was a very different place then; only 3.2 million of us at the start of the decade and just two TV channels.  The 80's were a time of wage/price freezes, Carless days, high inflation and - of course - the 1981 Springbok tour.  Amid all the hubbub of Muldoonism and Rogernomics the music scene was florishing, particularly in the capital.

Jon Mcleary moved to Wellington from Hamilton, and was at the forefront of a music revival which saw a veritable cornucopia of acts who had a wide range of venues available to them

Jon Mcleary

Jon Mcleary on guitar Photo:

3:10 The End of Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's is like having holes in the roof our our brains according to neurologist Dr Dale Bredesen, one of the world's leading experts on cognitive diseases.

But Dr Bredesen says his research at the University of California in LA shows the holes can be repaired through individualized treatment that includes lifestyle changes, diet and brain stimulation. 

Some of his patients not only slowed the progress of the disease, some of their brain function was restored.

He explains is breakthrough work in a new book boldly titled The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

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3:30 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Ellen Read and David Cormack


Music played in this show


1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Reb Fountain
TITLE:      Down In The Valley
COMP:     Reb Fountain
ALBUM:   Little Arrows
LIVE:       RNZ Auckland

1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:
ARTIST:    The Cure
TITLE:      A Forest
COMP:     Robert Smith, Matthieu Hartley, Simon Gallup, Lol Tolhurst
ALBUM:   Seventeen Seconds
LABEL:    Fiction

ARTIST:    The Cure
TITLE:      M
COMP:     Robert Smith, Matthieu Hartley, Simon Gallup, Lol Tolhurst
ALBUM:   Seventeen Seconds
LABEL:    Fiction

ARTIST:    The Cure
TITLE:      A Reflection
COMP:     Robert Smith, Matthieu Hartley, Simon Gallup, Lol Tolhurst
ALBUM:   Seventeen Seconds
LABEL:    Fiction

ARTIST:    The Spines
TITLE:      Lily and I
COMP:     Jon Mcleary
ALBUM:   The Moon
LABEL:    Jayrem

ARTIST:    Beat Rhythm Fashion
TITLE:      Turn of the Century
COMP:     Dan Birch, Nino Birch
ALBUM:   Turn of the Century (Single)
LABEL:    Bunk

ARTIST:    Shoes This High
TITLE:      The Nose One
COMP:     Brent Hayward, Chris Plummer, Jessica Walker, Kevin Hawkins
ALBUM:   Straight To hell
LABEL:    Siltbreeze

ARTIST:    The Hulamen
TITLE:      Start a Fashion
COMP:     John McDougall, John Niland, Andrew Cross
ALBUM:   Beer And Skittles
LABEL:    Eelman

ARTIST:    The Body Electric
TITLE:      Interior Exile
COMP:     Alan Jansson, Andy Drey, Garry Smith, Wendy Calder
ALBUM:   Dreaming In A Life / Interior Exile
LABEL:    Jayrem

ARTIST:    The Skeptics
TITLE:      Sensible Shoes
COMP:     Nick Roughan, John Halvorsen, Rick Johnson
ALBUM:   Sensible [EP]
LABEL:    Flying Nun

ARTIST:    Low Profile
TITLE:      Elefunk in My Soup
COMP:     Phil Bowering, Steve Garden
ALBUM:   Elefunkin'
LABEL:    Jayrem