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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 28 August 2017


This week's story is The Kiss by Pip Adam, and we have a copy of Pip's new novel The New Animals to give away to one of our emailers.

1:10 First song

1:15 Takahe release

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Photo: RNZ

Nio and Orbell are taking up residence at their new home at the Zealandia sanctuary in Wellington today.

The Takehe pair haven't had to travel too far from their old home at the Mana Island Scientific Reserve up the coast, where they've successfully raised four chicks since 2013.

And while Orbell, at 17, is close to retirement age, Zealandia and the Department of Conservation have high hopes the two might breed again this year.

RNZ's Lynn Freeman is at the Zealandia wetlands where the release of the takehe pair is underway.

1:25 Bug splat decline

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Photo: Flickr/Erin Pettigrew

Entomologists across Europe and Britain have become increasingly concerned about the spread of the so-called windscreen phenomenon which is a decline in dead insects found on cars.

The fall in numbers of bugs in Britain has now reached such a troubling extent that even motorists are noticing that their windscreens are clear of squashed flies, gnats, moths and wasps.

The lack of bug splattered cars is not just confined to the northern hemisphere.

To talk about what's happening on this side of the world Mike Dickison who's the curator of natural history at Whanganui Regional Museum joins Jesse to discuss the issue.

1:35 Saving the Hard to find Bookshop

The Hard to Find Bookshop has been tucked away in a corner of Ohehunga since 1984, selling books that are otherwise hard to find. It's a treasure trove of forgotten literary wonders that no other bookshop will stock.

But it's not immune to the shortage of rental properties in Auckland. The landlord of its building has signalled the rent is going up exponentially and Warwick Jordan, who runs the bookshop can't afford to pay.

So he's turned to Give-A-Little to try and save it.

1:40 Hidden Figures  on Dog Ownership

Lillian Grace from delves into stats held on dog ownership in New Zealand - did you know about 9% of the population is a dog owner?

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Photo: Supplied/Figure NZ

1:40 Great album: Katie Melua Call off the Search

2:10 Television Critic - Phil Wallington

This week Phil takes a look at the TV3-Fairfax Collaborative report on some of the operations carried out by the New Zealand Defense Force in Afghanistan.  He also casts a critical eye over the new season of "Top of The Lake: China Girl" and has some thoughts on 21st Century Fox's planned buy out of BSkyB in the UK.

Elizabeth Moss

Elizabeth Mass as detective Robin Griffin in Jane Campion's Top of The Lake. Photo: New Zealand International Film Festival

2:20 NZ's largest food bank faces eviction

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Photo: wikipedia

New Zealand's largest foodback facing closure over the rent it owes.

0800 Hungry in Christchurch is used by 130 agencies to help families and people in need.

The founder of the foodbank, Kerry Bensemen, was awarded a Queen's birthday honour this year for his role in community.

He's got until Thursday to pay the 30 thousand dollars in rent - or the doors of the food ministry will close for good.

Kerry Bensemen talks to Jesse about the financial struggle they are facing.

2:30 The History of Caring in New Zealand

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Photo: 123RF

Today's expert has researched caring and its history particularly in New Zealand.

By caring we are talking about looking after those who are unable to take care of themselves, such as children, the disabled and elderly.

Professor Barbara Brookes at Otago University has looked at how caregiving has changed throughout time, but why it is still regarded as a lesser valued profession.

She talks to Jesse about the role of women in the care sector and how beginning and end of life care often falls to them.

3:10 Richard Lloyd Parry: Ghosts of the Tsunami

The people of Tohoku) Japan can be forgiven for feeling like they are living among ghosts. In 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake set off a tsunami that killed nearly 19 thousand people. Richard Lloyd Parry is a Toykyo based journalist for the Times, visiting the region during the disaster and many times since.

He looks at how the people remain haunted by the dead and the failure of their government to respond in the immediate aftermath and answer questions they still have today. 

His new book is called Ghosts of the Tsunami, Death and Life in Japan's Disaster Zone.

Devastation in the city of Ofunato, Japan, on March 15, 2011, four days after the earthquake

Devastation in the city of Ofunato, Japan, on March 15, 2011, four days after the earthquake and tsunami. Photo: AFP

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Paula Penfold and Matt Nippert


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1:10pm - FIRST SONG
ARTIST:      Paul McLaney with Julia Deans
TITLE:        Little Green
COMP:       Joni Mitchell
ALBUM:     Unreleased
LIVE:          RNZ Aucklnad
1:45pm - FAVOURITE ALBUM     
ARTIST:     Katie Lelua
TITLE:       Call Off The Search
COMP:      Mike Batt
ALBUM:    Call Off The Search
LABEL:     Dramatico

ARTIST:     Katie Melua
TITLE:       The Closest Thing to Crazy
COMP:      Mike Batt
ALBUM:    Call Off The Search
LABEL:     Dramatico

ARTIST:     Katie Melua
TITLE:       Lilac Wine
COMP      James Shelton
ALBUM:    Call Off The Search
LABEL:     Dramatico

ARTIST:     Bic Runga
TITLE:       Close Your Eyes
COMP:      Bic Runga, Cody Neilson
ALBUM:    Close Your Eyes
LABEL:     Sony