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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 13 June 2017


On Thursday, June 15th, we will discuss Double Helix by Eileen Merriman

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1:10 First song

1:15 South Dunedin residents still wanting answers

South Dunedin residents are still waiting for assurances about future proofing the area against adverse weather events nearly two years on from devastating flooding. A group of around 150 people were at a meeting last night organised by the Great South Dunedin Action group. They are looking to get some answers about plans for the area in the longer term which is still susceptible to flooding due to rising sea levels and land subsidence. Ray MacLeod is the chairman of the group and he speaks to Jesse about their ongoing concerns.

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Photo: RNZ

1:20 Saving Barrytown Hall from noise complaints  

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West Coast residents are battling to keep the Barrytown Hall as a venue for concerts after noise complaints led to them having to cancel their winter events.The hall, situated on State highway 6 between Punakaiki and Greymouth has been a favourite for bands touring the country which has also led to some of them donating money to get the hall sound proofed. The donations are being made via their givealittle page.

Barrytown Hall committee chair is Roger Ewer talks to Jesse about what's being done to comply with council noise regulations.

1:30 Antarctic Trust discovers a preserved watercolour

A 118 year old painting by one of Captain Scott's Antarctic exploration team has been uncovered in an historic hut at Cape Adare.The New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered the perfectly preserved water colour painting while cleaning a paper portfolio collected from a bunk in one of two  huts the Trust is restoring.The water colour was painted by Dr Edward Wilson who died with Captain Robert Falcon Scott and three others on their return from the South Pole in 1912.The Trust's Programme Manager of Artefact Conservation, Lizzie Meek talks to Jesse about the significance of the discovery.

1:35 Tech Talk with Paul Brislen

The do's and don'ts of website redesigns

1:40 Great Movie Soundtrack: Until the End of the world Soundtrack

2:10 Book critic: Catherine Robertson

Best selling author and freelance feature writer Catherine Robertson takes a look at the list of finalists in the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults which were released last week.  The awards evening will take place in Wellington on August 14th.

2:20 Music Feature:  Lyttelton Records / Ben Edwards

We take a close look at studio production with Ben Edwards who has become one of the most sought after producers in the land.  He has helped create award winning albums for Tami Neilson, Marlon Williams and Delaney Davidson, and has been instrumental in bringing artists such as Nadia Reid and Aldous Harding to international attention.  Now his studio and record company are starting to attract attention overseas.

Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards in the control room at the Sitting Room Studio in Lyttelton Photo: Supplied

3:10 Deborah Tannen: Women, Friendship, and the Power of Conversation

Deborah Tannen

Deborah Tannen Photo: supplied

You can't choose your family but you can choose your friends. But sometimes friendships that are supposed to be a source of comfort and companionship can be fraught with miscommunication and misunderstanding instead.

Deborah Tannen, a linguistics professor at Georgetown University,  looks as the sometimes complicated friendships between women and the different ways women talk to each other.

Her new book is called You're the Only One I Can Tell This to: Women, Friendship, and the Power of Conversation. 

3:30 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Beck Eleven and Matt Nippert


Music played in this show

1:00pm - 4:00pm
Tuesday 13th June 2017

ARTIST:    Arcade Fire
TITLE:      Everything Now
COMP:     Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, William Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara
ALBUM:   Everything Now
LABEL:    Columbia

1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:
TITLE:      Until The End of The World
COMP:     Paul Hewson, David Evans, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr.
ALBUM:   Until The End of The World: Music from The Motion Picture
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
TITLE:      (I'll Love You) Til the End of The World
COMP:     Nick Cave
ALBUM:   Until The End of The World: Music from The Motion Picture
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    Jane Siberry and KD Lang
TITLE:      Calling All Angels
COMP:     Jane Siberry
ALBUM:   Until The End of The World: Music from The Motion Picture
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    Aldous Harding
TITLE:      Merriweather  (feat: Marlon Williams)
COMP:     Aldous Harding
ALBUM:   Aldous Harding
LABEL:    Lyttelton Records

ARTIST:    Troy Kingi & The Electric Hake Boogie
TITLE:      Cold Steel (feat: Mara TK and Mark Vanilau)
COMP:     Troy Kingi, Mara TK
ALBUM:   Guitar Party at Uncle's Bach
LABEL:    Hongi Slicker

ARTIST:    Nadia Reid
TITLE:      Holy Low
COMP:     Nadia Reid
ALBUM:   Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs
LABEL:    Lyttelton Records

ARTIST:    Nadia Reid
TITLE:      Holy Loud
COMP:     Nadia Reid
ALBUM:   Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs
LABEL:    Lyttelton Records

ARTIST:    Tami Neilson
TITLE:      Running To You (feat: Delaney Davidson)
COMP:     Tami Neilson
ALBUM:   Dynamite!
LABEL:    Private

ARTIST:    Matthew Smith
TITLE:      Hog Tied
COMP:     Matthew Smith
ALBUM:   Matthew Smith
LABEL:    Lyttelton Records

ARTIST:    Terrible Sons
TITLE:      When I Dont Speak
COMP:     Matt Barus, Lauren Barus
ALBUM:   Observance Of Hermits
LABEL:    Unreleased
ARTIST:    The Eastern
TITLE:      Little Girl Blue
COMP:     Adam McGrath, Jess Shanks
ALBUM:   The Eastern
LABEL:    Social End Product

ARTIST:    Talking Heads
TITLE:      Sax and Violins
COMP:     David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth
ALBUM:   Until The End of The World: Music from The Motion Picture
LABEL:    Warner

4:30pm - THE PANEL: Half Time Song
ARTIST:    Regina Spektor
TITLE:      Laughing With
COMP:     Regina Spektor
ALBUM:   Far
LABEL:    Sire