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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 13 April 2017

1:10 First song: Hopetoun Brown in session

For our first song we welcome back a couple of friends of the show.  Hopetoun Brown are one of 19 acts hoping to play at this weekend's Waiheke Island Jazz Festival.  They have just completed a seven date tour of the South Island and have a very busy week planned as finalists in this years Taite music prize 

Hopetoun Brown

Hopetoun Brown AKA Nick Atkinson and Tim Stewart Photo: Steve Dykes

1:15 Cyclone Cook latest

We will keep you updated throughout the show on the storm.

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Photo: Metservice

1:25 A Walk in My Shoes

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Photo: supplied

Aucklander, Kate Chandulal is just 13 years old, but has already published a book.

It's called A Walk in my Shoes - and it's about her life, which is quite different from the lives of most kids her age, as she cannot attend school regularly and spends much of her time at Starship hospital.

Kate has severe scoliosis, which she says causes many people to stare at her in the street, and even make unkind comments, which she finds very hurtful. She shares her story with Jesse.

1:35 Friends, Romans Countrymen

Ken Grace has been delving into the origins of many of our words and phrases for his blog "Friends, Romans, countrymen".

The latest word he's looked at is "dog" which has some suprising origins.


dog Photo: supplied

1:40 Great Album: Tracey Chapman

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Photo: wikipedia

2:10 Podcast critic, Katy Atkin

This afternoon Katy looks at the latest podcast from Serial Productions and the This American Life editorial team.  This groundbreaking podcast was downloaded more than 19 million times within the first week.  The 7 x 1 hour episodes follow a tip about a possible murder coverup in the the small Alabama township of Woodstock.  Central to the story is eccentric clock restorer named John B. McLemore, who, in recorded phone conversations, rants about the moral and cultural status of Woodstock, which he refers to as "S**t Town."

John B McLemore

John B. McLemore, the central character in the Podcast serial "S Town." Photo: Alabama Daily Mail

2:20 Money with Mary Holm

Why investing offshore is wise rather than risky.

For more information on this, Mary has updated her information booklet for the Reserve Bank, called Upside, downside a guide to risk for savers and investors

3:10 Short Story Club! 

The first story is The Poet's Wife by Bill Manhire.  Clare Mabey discusses it with Jesse.

Email us your thoughts once you've read it! (Put Short Story Club in the subject line)

And next week's story Fishing Boy by Bonnie Etherington

3:25 The Expats: Marian Fountain, kiwi sculptor in France

At the weekend a sculpture was unveiled at Wellington Quarry Museum in Arras, France, to recognise the work of 500 New Zealand tunnellers in the Arras quarries between 1916 and 17, and also the people of Arras who kept their graves.

We have some images of the work on our website - it's called The Earth Remembers, and was designed and made by New Zealand born artist Marian Fountain, who has lived in France since 1991. 

She talks about expat life in Paris, and her work on The Earth Remembers.

3:30 This Way Up: Adults learning to ride a bike

Can you imagine learning to ride a bike as an adult?  

This Way Up's Simon Morton joined a group of refugees and new migrants at a recent women's cycling day.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Ellen Read and Jock Anderson


Music played in this show

1:00pm - 4:00pm

1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Hopetoun Brown
TITLE:      Dirty Shame
COMP:     Nick Atkinson, Tim Stewart
ALBUM:   Burning Fuse
LIVE:       RNZ Auckland

1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:
ARTIST:    Tracy Chapman
TITLE:      Baby Can I Hold You
COMP:     Tracy Chapman
ALBUM:   Tracy Chapman
LABEL:    Elektra

ARTIST:    Tracy Chapman
TITLE:      For My Lover
COMP:     Tracy Chapman
ALBUM:   Tracy Chapman
LABEL:    Elektra

ARTIST:    Tracy Chapman
TITLE:      Talkin' Bout a Revolution
COMP:     Tracy Chapman
ALBUM:   Tracy Chapman
LABEL:    Elektra