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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 15 December 2016

1:10 First song: "Christmastime In Ireland" - Cathie Harrop & Jennie Khan

Cathie and Jennie give us a preview of their "Victorian" musical Christmas show now on at Albert Stately home in Mt Albert, Auckland

1:15 Why 2016 was a terrible year

2016 has been quite a year... from major political surprises to the death of cultural icons.

Toby Manhire is here to round up the year, from the perspective of Toby and Toby.

Bowie Comp

Photo: AFP

1:25 Why 2016 was a brilliant year

Political economist, Angus Hervey has 99 reasons why 2016 was in fact a very good year. 

Still from The Last Ocean

Photo: The Last Ocean Film / Peter Young

1:30 Weird and wonderful Australian wildlife

Auckland Zoo opens its cool new $3.2m Aussie development (Strangely beautiful Australia) to showcase some of the more unusual Australian wildlife, including lizards and poisonous spiders.

Auckland Zoo's Ectotherms & Birds curator, Richard Gibson talks about the new area.

1:45 Favourite album: Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams - The Bo Deans

The BoDeans

The BoDeans Photo: Supplied

2:10 Critic:  Katy Atkin:

Katy explores the world of podcasts to bring us her recommendation for two new one's.

2:20 Economics with Shamubeel Eaqub

Economist, Shamubeel Eaqub looks at Australian plans to fight tax fraud by ditching the $100 note. It sounds good in theory but things have not gone well with a similar plan to outlaw certain banknotes in India.

2:35 The History of the office Christmas party

Today our historian Grant Morris of Victoria University looks at the history of office Christmas parties in New Zealand.  When did we start having them, what were the old ones like and how have they changed over time?

He says its a story that sheds light on NZ's changing culture.

1970 cartoon by Nevile Sidney Lodge, from the Evening Post

1970 cartoon by Nevile Sidney Lodge, from the Evening Post Photo: National Library NZ

3:10 Masterpieces with Hazel Phillips

Tramper and writer Hazel Phillips chooses her favourite New Zealand walk – she calls it “poor man’s Milford Track”.

Rees Dart track

Rees Dart track Photo: supplied

3:25 The Expats: Angela Cullen, personal physio to Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton

Angela Cullen lives in the French alps in a small mountain village close to lakes and ski fields. She is also the Performance Coach and physiotherapist for Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton.

3:30 This Way Up: Bellringers

Today there are heaps of ways of getting a message to someone - from Snapchat, to Kik and Instagram; or if you're getting on a bit you could always try Facebook!

But going back a few centuries the killer app for communications was the church bell. Their ringing broadcast important information to communities throughout Britain - from births, deaths, marriages and even wars. Despite the internet and uncapped broadband, the tradition of bell ringing is alive and well here in New Zealand too, as Simon Morton From This Way Up discovered when he dropped in to meet Derek Williams and other members of the Wellington Combined Society of Bellringers.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

4:05 The Panel with Michael Moynahan and Julia Hartley Moore

Music played in this show

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1:10pm - JESSE'S SONG:
ARTIST:    Cathie Harrop & Jennie Khan
TITLE:      Christmastime In Ireland
COMP:     Trad
ALBUM:   Unreleased
LIVE:        RNZ Auckland

ARTIST:    Prince and the Revolution
TITLE:      Purple Rain
COMP:     Prince
ALBUM:   Purple Rain
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    The Bo Deans
TITLE:      Runaway
COMP:     Kurt Neumann, Sam Llanas
ALBUM:   Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    The Bo Deans
TITLE:      Angels
COMP:     Kurt Neumann, Sam Llanas
ALBUM:   Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    The Bo Deans
TITLE:      Looking for Me Somewhere
COMP:     Kurt Neumann, Sam Llanas
ALBUM:   Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    Radiohead
TITLE:      Desert Island Disk
COMP:     Colin Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Philip Selway, Thom Yorke
ALBUM:   A Moon Shaped Pool

ARTIST:    Bessie Smith
TITLE:      Gimme A Pig Foot (and A Bottle of Beer)
COMP:     Coot Grant, Wesley A. Wilson
ALBUM:   Non Album Single
LABEL:    Columbia