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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 14 December 2016

1:10 Ryan Edwards: In Session

Singer-songwriter, Ryan Edwards, performs his new song Innocent and Wise. He calls it a modern-day love song, dressed in yesterday's clothes.

Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards Photo: supplied

1.20 The World's Biggest Wave Declared

A new record for the world's biggest wave has just been declared. And coming in at 19 metres, it was bigger than the trunk of our tallest Kauri, Tāne Mahuta. The wave was recorded in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and the UK, according to the World Meteorological Agency.

A 19 metre high wave has broken records as the tallest ever.

A 19 metre high wave has broken records as the tallest ever. Photo: Metservice

1:25 The Philosophy of Probability

Whether you're rolling the dice or crossing the road, probability is everywhere. But just how much do we understand about the philosophy of probability, and how much it affects our everyday lives. Professor Darrell P Rowbottom is a rising star of the philosophy world. He's the head of the Department of Philosophy, at Lingnan University, in Hong Kong.

The Philosophy of Probability.

The Philosophy of Probability. Photo: 123RF

1:35 Sound Archives: NZ's greatest naval disaster

This weekend will see commemorations to mark the 75th anniversary of New Zealand’s greatest naval disaster - the loss of 150 men serving on board the HMS Neptune when it was sunk by mines in the Mediterranean in December 1941. 

1:40 Favourite album

2:10 Music Critic: Simon Sweetman

Karl Blau

Karl Blau Photo: Supplied

Simon has new music from A Tribe Called Quest and nominates Karl Blau for his album of the year.

2:25 Bookmarks:  Alastair Curruthers

Alastair Curruthers

Alastair Curruthers Photo: Supplied

Today's Bookmarks guest has done it all:  Written political speehes, become a teacher of music, co-produced a movie and headed a law firm.  He was Chairman of the Arts Council, an Arts Board member before that, and is the New Zealand commissioner for the 2017 Venice Biennale.

3:10 Why We Love

Technology has changed the way we find love, but anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher says it's not changing who we choose to love.

Her latest research reveals some surprising results about how the ability to make connections at that the click of a mouse is leading to couples choosing to take it slow. 

Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher Photo:

3:35 Spoken Feature

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

4:05 The Panel with Gary McCormick and Jonathan Krebs

Music played in this show

1:00pm - 4:00pm

1:10pm - JESSE'S SONG:
ARTIST:    Ryan Edwards
TITLE:      Innocent & Wise
COMP:     Ryan Edwards
ALBUM:   Non Album Single
LIVE:       RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    Leonard Cohen
TITLE:      Slow
COMP:     Leonard Cohen,  Patrick Leonard
ALBUM:   Popular Problems
LABEL:    Columbia

ARTIST:    Leonard Cohen
TITLE:      You Got Me Singing
COMP:     Leonard Cohen,  Patrick Leonard
ALBUM:   Popular Problems
LABEL:    Columbia

ARTIST:    Leonard Cohen
TITLE:      Almost Like The Blues
COMP:     Leonard Cohen,  Patrick Leonard
ALBUM:   Popular Problems
LABEL:    Columbia

ARTIST:    A Tribe Called Quest
TITLE:      Lost Somebody
COMP:     Kamaal Fareed, Jarobi White, Malik Taylor,  Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli, Jaki Liebezeit, Irmin Schmidt, Kenji Suzuki
ALBUM:   We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service
LABEL:    Epic

ARTIST:    Karl Blau
TITLE:      That's How I Got To Memphis
COMP:     Karl Blau
ALBUM:   Introducing Karl Blau
LABEL:    Raven

2:25pm: BOOKMARKS:  Alastair Curruthers
ARTIST:    Berliner Philharmoniker (Herbert von Karajan) Label: DG
TITLE:      St. Matthew Passion, Part One - No.1 Chorus:"Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen"
COMP:     J.S. Bach
ALBUM:   Berliner Philharmoniker / St Matthew Passion
LABEL:    Deutsche Grammophon

ARTIST:    The Shins
TITLE:      Smiple Song
COMP:     James Mercer
ALBUM:   Port of Morrow
LABEL:    Columbia

ARTIST:    Bobby Helms
TITLE:      Jingle Bell Rock
COMP:     Joe Beal, Jim Boothe
ALBUM:   Jingle All The Way
LABEL:    Decca