1:10 First song

1:15 Our forests could be significant Carbon Sinks

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change comes into force tomorrow and local initiatives here, such as Trees That Count, are encouraging people to get involved in combating climate change. That initiative aims at planting 4.7 million native trees next year, that's one tree for every New Zealander. But there is potential for our forests to do even more. Scientists from NIWA are looking at the potential for our forests to act as carbon sinks, and they say they could play an even bigger role than we thought. NIWA researcher, Dr Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher, explains.

Scientists from NIWA are looking at the potential for our forests to act as carbon sinks, and they say there is more potential than we thought.

Scientists from NIWA are looking at the potential for our forests to act as carbon sinks, and they say there is more potential than we thought. Photo: NIWA / Thomas Murphy

Paperboy is a new free weekly Auckland magazine

Paperboy is a new free weekly Auckland magazine Photo: Supplied

1:25 New free weekly magazine for Auckland

In these increasingly digital times, we often hear about the plight of print - particularly newspapers and magazines. So why would you launch a new magazine in this market? Bauer media, which publishes Metro, North and South, Woman's Day and the New Zealand Women's Week has taken the plunge with Paperboy - a free weekly Auckland magazine. It's moved Jeremy Hansen from Home Magazine, to edit the new mag.

1:30 Lani's Space

A pair of Auckland filmmakers have have made it to the final of CineSpace. It's a short-film competition run by NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. And, Harriett Maire and Ferris Bradley's film, is one of 15 to be picked, out of a whopping 900 entries. Lani's Space follows a solo father, Manu, and his journey to understand his daughters love of space. Director, Harriett Marie, explains.

1:35 We found the train impersonator!

Yesterday, during our regular appointment with Sarah Johnston from Ngā Taonga sound and vision (our national sound archive), she played us a piece of audio from 1964 featuring a then 17 year old, who was able to mimick the sound of railway trains.

We've track down the man responsible for that sound, possibly an early form of Beat Boxing, Owen Schmelz, he's now living in Picton.

1:40 Favourite album: Nina Hagen, Return of the Mother

2:10 Theatre Critic - Alistair Browning

Alistair Browning

Alistair Browning Photo: Supplied

An award winning Actor and Director is our theatre critic today.  Alistair Browning has appeared in more than 100 theatre productions; as an actor, director, writer, deviser, stage-manager, etcetera and has tread the boards at Shakespeare's Globe and The Old Vic in England; The Western Australian Theatre Co and just about every professional theatre in New Zealand.

He's also appeared in countless movies and TV shows, starting as a cast member of the popular Australian series "the Sullivans" in 1981.

2:20 Geoffonomics: Could forestry could overtake dairy in NZ?

The Government is looking at more incentives to plant trees so that New Zealand doesn't need to purchase as many foreign units to meet international obligations over climate change.

But can forestry really compete with other land uses like dairy or sheep & beef?

Geoff Simmons, Economist with the Morgan Foundation discusses the issue.

2:30 The History of Guy Fawkes in New Zealand

Why do we celebrate the foiling of a seventeenth century English Catholic terrorist plot in twenty-first century NZ?  

Victoria University Historian, Grant Morris is back with us, and is looking at how Guy Fawkes Night has been celebrated in New Zealand in the past, and how it has changed over time.

Children with rival guys, Guy Fawkes day at Ohingaiti. c1900

Children with rival guys, Guy Fawkes day at Ohingaiti. c1900 Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library

Tree Climber, Scott Forrest

Tree Climber, Scott Forrest Photo: supplied

3:10 Masterpieces: Scott Forrest on trees

The aptly named tree climbing champ, Scott Forrest tells us about his favourite New Zealand tree, ahead of the tree climbing competition in Albert Park, Auckland this weekend

3:25 The Expats: LA based Philosopher, Stephen Finlay

Stephen Finlay has lived in the US since 1997, and teaches philosophy at the University of Southern California..

3:30 This Way Up: The Doll Hospital

Keith Martin used to fix aircraft then found out he could put his engineering skills to another use, repairing and restoring people's broken dolls!

His wife Faith's a dab hand with a needle too, and over the past 40 years the team reckon they've saved 10,000 dolls of all different shapes and sizes from the tip.

This Way Up's Richard Scott went to meet them at their Doll Hospital in Palmerston North.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

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1:00pm - 4:00pm

ARTIST:    Nina Hagen
TITLE:            Return of the Mother
COMP:    Nina Hagen;
ALBUM:    Return of the Mother

ARTIST:    Nina Hagen
TITLE:        Schachmatt  
COMP:    Nina Hagen;
ALBUM:    Return of the Mother

ARTIST:    Tom Jones
TITLE:        Strange Things
COMP:    Sister Rosetta Tharpe
ALBUM:    Praise & Blame
LABEL:    Lost Highway

ARTIST:    Avalanche City
TITLE:        Sunset
COMP:    Dave Baxter
ALBUM:    Our New Life Above the Ground
LABEL:    Warner

4:35pm - THE PANEL:
ARTIST:    Bill Withers
TITLE:        Lovely Day        
COMP:    Bill Withers, Skip Scarborough
ALBUM:    Menagerie
LABEL:    Columbia