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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 30 May 2016

1:10 First song

1:15 The Solar energy debate

Back in March, Jesse spoke with the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, who was saying electric cars help combat climate change, but solar panels do little. She was backing a report by Concept Consulting, and it caused quite a lot of chatter.

We got a lot of texts and emails from fans of solar energy, criticising the report as narrow, simplistic and flawed.

It was the first of three reports by the company, and looked at the environmental impacts of solar. Reports on emissions and economic impact are due in the next few months.

In response to the report, New Zealand solar power company, Solarcity, has released its own findings.

The report is called The value of solar energy to NZ: How Concept Consulting Got it Wrong. The company says it's clear the argument that rooftop solar harms the disadvantaged, simply isn't true.

1:25  Extent of coral death at Great Barrier Reef revealed

Scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Queensland have completed diving and aerial surveys of 84 reefs and say there is at least some bleaching at 93 per cent of individual reefs. 

But even worse, 35 per cent of corals have died in the northern and central sectors of the reef.

It's the first confirmation of how much coral has died since mass bleaching began when sea surface temperatures soared earlier in the year.

Jesse speaks with one of the scientists involved in the research, Dr Mia Hoogenboom from the College of Marine & Environmental Sciences.

1:35 Making it easier to travel with a disability

Kimberley Graham was always a keen traveller, and wanted to continue after having her son, who has Cerebral Palsy and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. She found despite doing research into the accessibility of places she wanted to take her family, there would often be barriers once she got there. So she decided to do something about it herself, and set up a travel information company, Oyster Accessible Travel, catering specifically for people with disabilities.

1:40 Favourite album

2:10 The Critics

Defendants in the dock at the Nuremberg trials

Defendants in the dock at the Nuremberg trials Photo: wiki commons

3:10  The Last of the Nazi Hunters

Nazi war criminals who fled Germany at the end of World War II are dying of old age and so are the men and women who hunted them across the generations. Former Newsweek foreign correspondent Andrew Nagorski  says their full stories can now be told for the first time.  His new  book, The Nazi Hunters is an account of post-war justice after the Holocaust.

3:35 Voices

Her dream as a girl was to wear a uniform; to become a police officer or to join the army.  She left behind a life as an abused teenage bride in North India and struggled as a single mother in a foreign country with no English.  She even learned to swim - all of this to become New Zealand’s first Indian female police officer.

In today's Voices, Lynda Chanwai-Earle goes on the beat with Constable Mandeep Kaur in West Auckland to learn more:

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

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Monday 30th

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THE CRITICS: MUSIC with Colin Morris
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