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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 6 May 2016

1:10 First song - Midnight Oil: Beds are Burning

Thousands of people are fleeing Fort McMurray in Canada as a fire threatens the city.

1:20 New Zealander among those evacuated from Alberta City fires

 New Zealand man and his wife and small children are in Calgary waiting to hear if their home has burnt to the ground after fleeing a wildfire in Alberta. The entire population of the city of Fort McMurray, more than 60,000 people, has been evacuated from their homes.
Former Oamaru man Craig Rowland is a New Zealander who's made his home in the oil city is now in Calgary after being ordered to leave by authorities.

1:27 Will Robots replace GP's?

New Zealand health experts have been looking at the idea that artifical intelligence could be used in the place of expensive humans in the healthcare system. In a view point published today by New Zealand Medical journal two experts from Whangarei hospital have explored ways in which the role of a doctor will be challenged by technology.The authors have looked at how artificial intelligence may, in the future, be used for diagnostic and treatment decision making. One of those authors, William Diprose explains why it could work, and how it will impact patients.

1:35 Critter of the Week: the tusked weta 

Nicola Toki, DoC's threatened species ambassador features the Middle Island (or Mercury Island) tusked weta 

1:40 Favourite album: Bleeding Star by JPS Experience

2:10 NZ Live - Mice on Stilts 

Mice on Stilts are a seven piece collaboration from Auckland which challenges genre description through creating their own brand of cinematic style "doom folk."

Their debut album "Hope for A Mourning" has its genesis in ideas of darkness, even deep sorrow, but is beautifully crafted by skilled musicians, collectively capable of capitalising on the use of a diverse range of instruments.

Mice On Stilts

Mice On Stilts Photo: supplied/Miceonstilts

2:20 New Zealand Society

Tales of life in Aotearoa.

 Honey thyme walnuts

Honey thyme walnuts Photo: supplied

3:10  Food writer, Delaney Mes on the grazing table trend

Delany Mes also her recipe for Honey Thyme Walnuts.

3:15 Big Red Wines for Winter

Wine writer and educator Joelle Thomson suggests some big red wines for winter.  

3.25 Film Reviewer, Dr Richard Swainson

Dr Richard Swainson from Auteur House in Hamilton reviews Eddie The Eagle and Mother's Day.

3.35 Music 101 preview with Yadana Saw

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

Music played in this show

Friday May 6th

ARTIST:      Midnight Oil
TITLE:        Beds Are Burning
COMP:       Martin Rotsey, Peter Gifford, Robert Hirst, James Moginie, Peter Garrett
ALBUM:     Diesel and Dust
LABEL:      Columbia

ARTIST:     JPS Experience.
TITLE:        Into You
COMP:       David Yetton, Dave Mulcahy, Gary Sullivan, James Laing, Russell Baillie, Matt Heine
ALBUM:     Bleeding Star
LABEL:      Flying Nun

ARTIST:    JPS Experience.
TITLE:       Bleeding Star
COMP:      David Yetton, Dave Mulcahy, Gary Sullivan, James Laing, Russell Baillie, Matt Heine
ALBUM:    Bleeding Star
LABEL:     Flying Nun
ARTIST     Mice On Stilts
TITLE:       Hope For A Mourning
COMP:     Ben Morley
ALBUM:    Hope For A Mourning
LIVE:        RNZ Auckland

ARTIST:    Mice On Stilts
TITLE:       Orca
COMP:     Ben Morley, Brendan Zwann
ALBUM:    Hope for a Mourning
LIVE:        RNZ Auckland

ARTIST:    Mice On Stilts
TITLE:       Khandallah
COMP:     Ben Morley,  Brendan Zwann
ALBUM:    Hope for a Mourning
LIVE:        RNZ Auckland

ARTIST     Headless Chickens
TITLE:       Cruise Control
COMP:     Chris Matthews, Michael Lawry
ALBUM:    Body Blow
LIVE:        Flying Nun

ARTIST:    Yumi Zouma         
TITLE:       Haji Awali
COMP:     Yumi Zouma
ALBUM:    Yoncalla
LABEL:     Cascine

ARTIST:    Rolling Stones
TITLE:       Start Me Up
COMP:     Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
ALBUM:    Tatoo You
LABEL:     Rolling Stones