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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 5 May 2016

1:10 First song: Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones

1.17 Rainbomb causes widespread flooding in Porirua area

Locals say roads have turned into rivers

We'll speak to the Mayor, Nick Leggett 

1.25 New details on discovery of wreck of the Endeavour

A team of archaeologists in Rhode Island who believe they have found the wreck of the Endeavour in a local harbour have revealed the details of what they have found.

The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project, or RIMAP made the discovery, saying the ship was scuttled in the harbour by British forces in the lead up to the Battle of Rhode Island in 1778. 

The project's founder and executive director, Dr Kathy Abass of RIMAP

1:34 A floating food forest

New Yorkers will soon be able to wander aboard an 80 foot food barge when it docks along the city's rivers, to harvest blueberries, chard and whatever else is growing. 

It's effectively a community garden - but it can't happen on land because of a century old ordinance that forbids the picking or foraging for food on public land in New York city. 

there are some images on our webpage of what the barge will look like, and the preparations... 

Ashawnta Jackson is one of the team working on the garden, which will be called Swale

1:40 Favourite album: Brand New Day - Sting

2:10 Money with Mary Holmes

2:30 Reading: Bitten by the Bullet by Karen Goa and Steve Krzystyniak

2.45 Australia's multi billion dollar submarine deal 

Dr Euan Graham is director, International Security Program at the Lowy Institute

3:10 The Expats: Meryl Emmerton on life in Hollywood

Meryl Emmerton headed off to New York 21 years ago and after 12 years in the big apple headed for the West Coast to the bright lights of LA. 

3:25 Masterpieces: Writer, Paula Morris discusses her favourite book 

Going West, by Maurice Gee 

Here is the Book Council produced video Paula mentions, featuring an excerpt of Maurice Gee’s Going West.

3:30 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

Jim Mora and Jesse Mulligan are joined by Zara Potts to look at what the world's talking about today

Music played in this show

Thursday May 5th

ARTIST:    Rolling Stones
TITLE:      Gimme Shelter
COMP:     Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
ALBUM:   Let It Bleed
LABEL:    Decca

ARTIST:   Sting
TITLE:      Desert Rose  (Feat: Cheb Mami)
COMP:    Sting
ALBUM:   Brand New Day

ARTIST:   Sting
TITLE:      Brand New Day
COMP:    Sting
ALBUM:   Brand New Day
ARTIST:   Cat Power
TITLE:      The Greatest
COMP:    Chan Marshall
ALBUM:   The Greatest
LABEL:    Matador

ARTIST:   The Veils
TITLE:      Birds
COMP:    Finn Andrews
ALBUM:   Time Stays, We Go
LABEL:    Rough Trade

ARTIST:   Lady Gaga
TITLE:     Telephone  (Feat: Beyoncé)
COMP:    Stefani Germanotta,  Rodney Jerkins,  LaShawn Daniels,  Lazonate Franklin, Beyoncé Knowles
ALBUM:   The Fame Monster
LABEL:    Interscope