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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 19 October 2015

1:10 First song

Bruce Springsteen - 'Hungry Heart'

1:15 One Tree Hill - Todd Niall

A long-awaited decision on what will replace the single Monterey Pine, on Māungakiekie-One Tree Hill, has finally been announced. The plans have been announced by Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Paul Majurey, chair of the Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority.

1:20 Alice The Giant Boring Machine - Brett Gliddon 

After almost two years underground, Alice, the giant boring machine, has just made her breakthrough back to daylight. She's been drilling twin sets of tunnels, in the final stage of the Waterview Connection project. NZTA's Auckland highways manager, Brett Gliddon, talks about the final breakthrough.

1:25 Kiwi Tractors - Steve Hale

Steve Hale has written a book on what he calls an addiction. It's all about tractor owning. Steve is an author, journalist, rugby coach and school teacher and his new book is called Kiwi Tractors: A Humble National Icon. And he says it's quite common for people to own 20, 30, 40 or, in one case, more than 50 tractors. Steve talks about tractors and their owners, from his home in Te Aroha.

1:35 Beach Fashion - Doris de Pont

Doris de Pont knows all about woollen bathers and bikinis, swimsuits and sundresses, playsuits and parasols. The New Zealand Fashion Museum and New Zealand Maritime Museum have put together an exhibition, about the past one hundred years of beach fashion. 'At the Beach: 100 years of summer fashion in New Zealand' features only New Zealand made or designed garments. Doris de Pont is the brains behind The New Zealand Fashion Museum.

1:40 Favourite album

Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby. Chosen by Steve Harris in Greymouth.  

2:10 The Critics

TV - Alex Casey

Music - Zac Arnold

Books - Pip Adam

Theatre -  Erin Harrington

3:10 Berm Gardens - John Stansfield

Should council ban residents from planting their roadside berms with veges and fruit instead of grass? 

3:15 Feature interview - Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz IV.

Barry Schwartz IV. Photo: Suppliled/ Barry Schwartz IV

How we work isn't working according to psychologist Barry Schwartz who says we focus too much on the pay packet and not enough on what makes work satisfying. In his new book, Why We Work, Schwartz argues for radical revisions to the way we think about work. Money, he says, is not a effective motivator but job satisfaction is. The book suggests ways to change work culture so that employees stop dreading work and enjoy it instead.

3:35 Voices

Outstanding New Zealand composer Jack Body passed away earlier this year, so a tribute concert is being performed by the new Zealand String Quartet with an upcoming tour to China to follow. Lynda Chanwai-Earle meets the NZSQ to find out more about "China Revisited" and Jack's legacy of collaborations with Asia.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about, with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zoe George.

Music played in this show


ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
TITLE: Hungry Heart
COMP: Springsteen
ALBUM: The River
LABEL: Columbia


ARTIST: Lou Reed
TITLE: Charley's Girl
COMP: Reed
ALBUM: Coney Island Baby

ARTIST: Lou Reed
TITLE: Coney Island Baby
COMP: Reed
ALBUM: Coney Island Baby

ARTIST: Lou Reed
TITLE: Crazy Feeling
COMP: Reed
ALBUM: Coney Island Baby


ARTIST: Majical Cloudz
TITLE: Silver Car Crash
COMP: Majical Cloudz
ALBUM: Are you alone
LABEL: n/a

ARTIST: Mac DeMarco
TITLE: Ode To Viceroy
COMP: DeMarco
ALBUM: Mac DeMarco II
LABEL: Captured

TITLE: Eraser
COMP: Metz
LABEL: n/a


ARTIST: Pratt & McLain
TITLE: Happy Days
COMP: Charles Fox, Norman Gimble
ALBUM: TV Land Presents Favorite TV Theme Songs
LABEL: Rhino