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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 2 June 2015

1:10 Your Song

Pauline Grogan - Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John

1:20 The Critics

TV: Television reviewer Irene Gardiner reflects on the end of Cambell Live and the debut of two new shows on TV3 - the launch of the latest season of Dancing With The Stars and Westside, the prequel series for Outrageous Fortune

Music: Colin Morris has new albums from Leonard Cohen and Boz Scaggs

Books: Wendyl Nissen reviews It's What I Do, the memoir of war photographer Lynsey Addario.

Web: Ben Gracewood looks at a fake scientific article intended to show up dodgy science reporting, story of the founder of the online drug marketplace The Silk Road. Finally, Ben discusses the latest "performance' from unpredictable actor Shia La Beouf.

2:10 Hawaiian Haka - Seamus Fitzgerald

It's a haka, but one with different Pacific flavour. Hawaiian students, from Kahuku High School, performed their own version of the haka at this year's graduation ceremony. The song was written by expat New Zealander Seamus Fitzgerald, whose son goes to the school.

2:20  Muay Thai in New Zealand - Leon Rose

Auckland photographer, Leon Rose, has spent ten years looking at Muay Thai boxing in New Zealand. He's just released a book about it, called Live, Train, Fight Like Thai.

Boxing leon rose

2:30 NZ Reading

People's Homes by Breton Dukes from his collection Bird North and other stories.

2:45 Feature album

Touch by the Eurythmics - 1983

3:10 Feature interview

Brian Grazer is an Oscar winning producer and one of Hollywood's most successful players. His CV includes films like Splash, The DaVinci Code, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13 as well as big TV hits like this year's Empire. He says the key to his success can be summed up in one word: Curiosity.

Christine and Richard Amery have travelled the world staying in other people's home. It's not about saving money though, Christine and Richard say home exchanges are a brilliant way to travel without missing out on any of the comforts of home. 

3:35 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world's talking about with Jim Mora, Noelle McCarthy and our panelists, Sally Wenley and Neil Miller.



Tuesday June 2  




ARTIST:    Elton John

TITLE:        Can You Feel The Love Tonight

COMP:       Elton John

ALBUM:     The Lion King: Original Soundtrack

LABEL:      WALT DISNEY 477 177




ARTIST:    Boz Scaggs

TITLE:        I'm A Fool To Care

COMP:       Boz Scaggs

ALBUM:     A Fool To Care



ARTIST:    Leonard Cohen

TITLE:        Can't Forget

COMP:       Leonard Cohen

ALBUM:     Can't Forget: The Grand Tour

LABEL:      SONY 88875068262




ARTIST:    Eurythmics

TITLE:        Who's That Girl

COMP:       Lennox, Stewart

ALBUM:     Ultimate Collection

LABEL:      Sony 748412


ARTIST:    Eurythmics

TITLE:        Right By Your Side

COMP:       Lennox, Stewart

ALBUM:     Ultimate Collection

LABEL:      Sony 748412


ARTIST:    Eurythmics

TITLE:        Here Comes The Rain Again

COMP:       Lennox, Stewart

ALBUM:     Ultimate Collection

LABEL:      Sony 748412




ARTIST:    Mormon Tabernacle Choir

TITLE:        Onward Christian Soldiers

COMP:       Baring-Gould, Sullivan

ALBUM:     Onward Christian Soldiers

LABEL:      iTunes