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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 30 September 2014


1:10 Best song ever written.  'Something in the Air' by Thunderclap Newman, nominated by Rennie Gould of Blenheim.  

1:20 The Critics.

TV review - Irene Gardiner

THE BROKENWOOD MYSTERIES:  -  PRIME (Sunday Nights @ 8.30)
COVERBAND:  - TV ONE (Thursday Nights @ 9.45)

Books -  Vanda Symon

The Silver Gaucho, by Jackie Ballantyne.

Music -  Nick Atkinson

ARTIST:    Kindness              
TITLE:        World Restart                 
COMP:    Adam Bainbridge    
DUR:        3' 38"        
ALBUM:    Otherness        
LABEL:    Pod        

ARTIST:    Weird Together     
TITLE:        Karima's Story                                        
COMP:    Weird Together    
DUR:        3' 40"

Web - Ben Gracewood

China blocks Instagram during Hong Kong protests       

2:10 David Haynes, President of NZ Association of Freshwater Anglers.  Anglers are being warned to avoid eating fish caught in back country rivers because they could be tainted by 1080 poison. 

2:20  Anthony Toth.  Nostalgic for the glamour days of air travel?  Then The Pan Am Experience is your dream come true. Set in the Air Hollywood film studio in Los Angeles, this unique dining concept has opened for business aboard a recreated Pan Am 747.

Gallery: Pan Am Experience

2:30 NZ Reading.  Episode 2 of  'Landings' by Jenny Pattrick, read by Stuart Devenie.

2:45 Feature album.  The Nylon Curtain - Billy Joel (1982).

3:10 Ebola.  Dr. Daniel Bausch says the window of opportunity to stop the spread of Ebola is closing, and the world must act now.

3:30 The Science of Roadworks - Alison Ballance

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show.  Jim Mora, Zara Potts, Ali Jones and Mai Chen.