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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 15 July 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Alun Bain of Brisbane nominated 'Fancy' by Bobby Gentry

1:15 8 Months To Mars - Hayley Westenra

2:10 Route 66 - Graeme Green
The things classic car enthusiasts will do to secure their dream machine. Nelson plumber, Graeme Green fell in love with a 1967 V8 Pontiac Firebird last February on an online site. Only problem was the pickup point wasn't exactly just down the road. In fact it was on the other side of the United States.
But a big bonus came with this deal for Graeme !!  After flying into Detroit, Michigan, he collected the car, and then fulfilled another dream, driving his "new" purchase over the famous American highway to Los Angeles, Route 66.

2:20  Skylab - Simon Watts of BBC Witness

In 1979, the world held its breath as the American space station, Skylab, re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. NASA tried desperately to control Skylab's descent, but large fragments hit south-west Australia instead of the Indian Ocean. Simon Watts speaks to two residents of Esperance, a remote coastal town which bore the brunt of the impact.

2:30 Reading -  On Getting Old - written and read by Kevin Ireland - A memoir written by the New Zealand poet, short-story writer and novelist,  thought provoking and  sad, humourous and ironic  

2:45 Feature Album - Tunnel of Love - Bruce Springsteen (1987).

3:10 Feature Author - Helen Beaglehole - "Fire in the Hills - A history of rural firefighting" - Helen is well known for her stories and novels for children and young adults, but now with non-fiction.

3:30 Hamilton City Stream - Alison Ballance.
When it comes to waterways in Hamilton everyone is familiar with the mighty Waikato - but feeding into the river are a myriad of small streams that make their way down the city's many gullies. And it turns out these streams are a treasure trove of life.

4:06 Peter Elliot and Matt Nippert are on the Panel today. How will changes to the system affect the lives of beneficiaries? We'll look at the impact of drug testing for job seekers in particular. Should you have to argue with your doctor? How much room is there for conscientious objecting in the work of prescribing GPs. Do local council workers need crisis intervention training? The magnificent heritage building in Christchurch slated for the wreckers ball. Len's looking for re-election, the Auckland mayor announces he's standing again. And 7 words to describe your life..what seven would you use? The Panel, after 4pm with Noelle McCarthy.